Get Prepared for the Total Disintegration of Civil Order from the Vaxx Genocide

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5 thoughts on “Get Prepared for the Total Disintegration of Civil Order from the Vaxx Genocide”

  1. As you’ve already experienced a little bit. They make stuff up then threaten to throw u in jail or looney bin. The key phrase is they make stuff up. Which is why rule number one is to keep a low profile. If you’re not in their face they can’t touch u.

  2. Dear brother Bugnolo,

    Do you approve the using of guns, knives and explosives to protect one self?

    Kind regards,

    1. Most Certainly! Because Our Lord advised such a strategy during the Last Supper to His Apostles. If clergy in dark times should do it, who have no children, so much more should the Laity do it. And Bl. Urban II urged this at the Council of Clermont when Christians are or have been persecuted. We should not only use arms for personal self defense, but we should organize and levy Catholic military forces to liberate Catholics from terrorism and from Masonic, Fascist or Marxist tyrannies. This is a duty of Charity and of fidelity to God. And we need no authorization from anyone, in State or Church to do it, because it is such.

  3. Everything is starting to make sense from a US perspective. And globally to some extent. The primary targets are Americans, in order to collapse the US, which has historically protected the free world. They are using any means possible, shots, food shortages, economic collapse. Afghanistan they viewed as an opportunity to kill a large group of Americans in one fell swoop. The troops that were let out they plan to kill later with the shots. Globally the US is encouraging and bringing in foreigners to terrorize US citizens on US soil. It is part of the plan to kill off as many of us as possible. All quite simple if you look at it from their sick perspective not ours.

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