Is it time to flee to Denmark?


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3 thoughts on “Is it time to flee to Denmark?”

  1. Denmark is probably the most compliant nation in Europe……..76% of the Danish population now covid jabbed……and Denmark has also been a world leader in supporting, promoting and installing renewable energy junk that destroys the landscape and the environment. Is the Danish government poor on risk assessments and cost benefit analyses or are they just generally destructive by nature?

    Countries listed in order of their level of compliance with the globalist agenda?!

  2. Here in Auckland, the lockdown will go on for a month. The whore of Babylons fake smile speech on TV is pure vomit material. We still go for walks, bump into masked people with fear in their eyes, and they jump, and quickly rush over to the other side when our eyes meet, some even cross the street if they are 20 meters away. You hardly see any people outside. They are scared that the Delta boogeyman is everywhere.
    It’s pathetic here. The government now says masks will be mandatory at supermarkets, after another useless and cruel lockdown, once they go down to level 3, and the contact tracing app will be mandatory. They step it up as you already suffer. The elimination strategy must have been cooked up by a masonic pedophile. I hope they will all burn in hell, hopefully sooner. Imagine people walking around with masks that provide 1% protection for a virus, or a scarf, almost anything is ok as long as it covers your mouth and nose, but not being told that a virus can also go in thru your eyes that are not covered. Nobody thinks about that one, but a super dangerous and mysterious virus lurks out there, but go ahead and use useless masks, or a paper mask, and no need to protect your eyes..
    Take the poison, two doses, and we go back to how it was in 2019. Opps! We lied! You can still catch it, and transmit it, and you will end up in hospital even though we said you won’t.
    The poison lowers your immune system by 35%. It wears off after 6-10 weeks, so take more booster poison, maybe for life.
    Right now all the wrong info is right, and the correct right info is wrong. The minister saying: We will continue to be your only source of information, in a condescending tone, like she is speaking to children in a kindergarten. I feel sorry for people, thee stupid and uninformed, as you can’t enlighten them at all, but if you try, they still simply ignore the information and believe in the lies, in fact, they turn even more in the other direction.
    It’s really bizarre out there..

  3. My Danish friends tell me that there are only a fraction of the Faithful present in their country (in Scandinavia for that matter). Few are actually awakened and nearly all are “woke.” Godlessness is the norm. The remnant is present as usual but are eyeing other lands for survival purposes. The continuous influx of rapefugees pretending to be seeking freedom hasn’t slowed and has actually increased during the last year. There’s a saying about Denmark: “Copenhagen begins with cope and ends with again.”

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