The Sabbatean Plan to undermine Sacred Scripture with Higher Criticism

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9 thoughts on “The Sabbatean Plan to undermine Sacred Scripture with Higher Criticism”

    1. Italian scholars totally dismiss the theory that Pius X was jewish or even polish, and if they are correct, then I think the link you cite fails to convince on the grounds it cites no sources for its information.

      1. If clergy and religious have been confined to particular bloodlines, they are no longer Christian, but a reversion to the rabbinical system. True vocations are conferred by our Lord, and not by social status or connections. His works are truly wonderful to behold.

      2. That is not true. There are prejudices and ethnicities in the Catholic Church, and though it is contrary to evangelical truth to prefer one over the other, it does happen and does not negate a vocation or the validity of ordination. However, it has happened and it is verified by historical studies that in the past, converted jews have attempted to take over Catholic institutions. The Society of Jesus was subjected to this kind of attack at the end of the 16th century and the Apostolic See charged a Jesuit from Holland to break the conspiracy, which would have turned the society into an exclusive converso club.

    2. I think this article is not about Pius X, but about an infiltration into the Catholic Church 100 years prior to 1900s. Moreover it illustrates that it developed into two branches. The ‘conservatives’ and the ‘progressives’. It appears that they took over the entire hierarchy already in the 1800s. Interesting and worthy of investigation is why they were so interested in ‘the Immaculate Conception’. ? But it appears they would rather have someone from the enemy camp of their own stock than anyone else. To have a ‘conservative’ as pope and a ‘progressive’ as secretary of state… Until 1958 that is and since the ‘progressives’ know about the final goals of the ‘conservatives’ they go for the full monty.. Somehow there is this connection of all Popes of 20th century (and Benedict XVI als) and this has to be, if the take over was near complete.

      1. I have seen rumours in the past about Pius XI having Jewish blood and some Polish people I know consider John Paul II to have been Jewish on his mother’s side. It seems that he had a connection with Silesian Jews.

        I have also heard that for centuries the Church forbade priests of Jewish descent to be elevated to the episcopate. Such was the fear of the higher echelons of the hierarchy being infiltrated by Jewish conversos. On the other hand Tomas Torquemada and St Teresa of Avila are said to have come from Jewish families in Spain. It has been claimed that St Dominic de Guzman may well have been of Jewish stock as well (his mother’s family name was Aca or Aza). The canonisation of Torquemada and Queen Isabella of Spain by Pope John Paul II was prevented by the outcry from the Jewish lobby and the intercession of King Juan Carlos of Spain not many years ago.

      2. There are a lot of false claims about the lineage of famous persons. How many have claimed that Christopher Columbus was not Genoese! Especially common are claims of Jewish descent, in part because famous people admired by Jews are often thought to be Jews by Jews, who consider the greatest compliment to make to a non jew is that he has jewish blood. But whether these claims be true or not is very difficult to assess with accuracy. Yes, in Poland, Germany, and Spain, there are many with mixed ancestry even if only generations ago, because through the centuries Jews converted to Christianity and married Catholics. We would be wrong to think that having Jewish blood condemned a man or made him a saint. Neither are true. But we are equally wrong to think that by blood Jews are superior or inferior to Gentiles.

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