Archbishop Lenga responds to rumors of Bergoglio’s Abdication (English)

by FromRome.Info’s Polish Correspondent

Stanislaw Krajski – I welcome You from Nałęczów (Pl).Today our guest is Archbishop Jan Paweł (John Paul) Lenga. Laudetur Jesus Christus.

Abp.L – In saecula saeculorum. Amen.

S.K –  Yesterday the Archbishop had a meeting with the citizens of Nałęczów, and not just Nałęczów as there were other people there too who came from different towns, like Zamość. It started with the Archbishop’s teachings and then questions. One of the questions from one of the Nałęczów citizen’s was: “ Archbishop, are we living in the end times?”  The Archbishop responded: “ It looks like”.

However, I have got two second thoughts. The first one refers to the fact that when we say that we already have end times, that could be releasing ourselves from the responsibility – just by the thinking that nothing else can be done any more so we don’t have to act.

And the second thought refers to whether we really are in the end times. Because if we know the history of the Church, there were lots of very difficult moments : there were 3 popes, terrible heresies before. Lets say the good example is XIX century Italy when churches were being made into brothels, altars were being profaned, masonic army was charging at the Vatican and was convinced they would murder the Pope and the Vatican would not exist any longer. Eventually Pope Pius IX became the prisoner of the Vatican, and when he died they initially buried him under the floor of the room where he died. There was a lot of various difficult moments. So is it not that this is another difficult moment for the Church? As Primate Cardinal Wyszyński said when he was having visits from the priests coming form different places and saying: “ maybe we should deal with the Communists less sternly, as we will need to leave with them somehow?” To which the Cardinal Wyszyński responded: “ Children, children, the Church will last forever, while none soon will remember Communism”. And maybe it will be that the Church will exist forever and it will  become healthy (not sick as it is now), and none will remember the European Union or Freemasons, they will all be forgotten, but they won’t forget Christ, and perhaps the Church will recover its health.

I would like to ask the Archbishop for a few words on this topic please.

Abp.L- You made such a long intro and I am to respond in a few minutes whether there will be the end  or it wont’ be (he smiles).  It’s not possible so quickly, is it? (both smile).

S.K- You can have a dozen minutes or so.

Abp.L- (smiles).  I want to say that if people are asking about that then surely they can sense that, that there is something going on that didn’t exist not only in Poland but also in the whole world.

We can see that the evil is so concentrated in it’s agony. That agony of the evil gives off more evil, although the evil thinks that it has everything  in his pocket.

So the Church has to always reprimand people as Christ and Holy Scriptures do: “Watch out then, because you do not know at what day and at what hour your Lord will come”.

It’s not just about the collective “end” but about the end of everyone of us, that can come like a thief when we don’t expect. So by reminding that there can be “ the end” is not the kind of desperate and dramatic reaction but rather a positive rebuke: get the grip people. Because if we can see that Devil charges on us so much, and evil is so concentrated, therefore there is something wrong with us, with the human society, to allow The Demon to come on the stage and plays his dark roles.

And we are scared to play our roles – the roles of the children of God.

This is not about withdrawing from all this because we “can not do anything” but to mobilize people even more to the prayer, examination of conscience in own life, and going back on the right path. In order to get off the broad way leading to Hell and to get on the narrow, rocky path, that leads to Heaven. If we sink into the broad spacious road that many people follow then sooner or later we will end up in the same place where they are heading; as this road leads to Hell.

And if the world tells that we have a peace and security, and that nothing can harm us, then this is the time that God’s judgement can come. This is what the Holy Scripture says. So we have to be careful.

Of course there was a time in the history of Christianity where various sects were persuading their believers into believing many lies for the facts (regarding the end times). But when the believers could see that nothing was happening they were turning away from their leaders.

Whereas the Catholic Church should be taking everything from the Holy Scriptures. If in the Holy Scriptures is written that there will be specific things happening at the end of the world (oppression, persecution, nation against the nation, five people living in one house, two against three, three against two, because of the faith in Christ, as some have faith and some don’t) and if such an admonition is in the Holy Scriptures, in Jesus Christ’s own words, in the words of His Apostles, of the true faithful Apostles who gave their life for Christ, then every faithful Catholic should indeed  return to the living in accord with those times.

Those primary Christian times were the times of the biggest catechesis and the deepest  teaching for the faithful soul of what was happening and what can happen.

Today we can observe that priests, bishops and Vatican apostatized from the real Gospel and unite with the world that doesn’t have God (doesn’t live with God).

Politicians don’t know morals, they unite in all the political, economical and all the other structures in order to keep the nations enslaved. That does not come from God. Masons are not from God, they draw from Hell to unleash the worst of man’s nature (as they know peoples’ weaknesses) and they arrange the world accordingly.

If the bishops were teaching people, with one voice, Christ’s saving Truth  then maybe even politicians would act differently. Maybe there would emerge traditional politicians. If taking Poland for the example – I don’t think there is a conservative political party here now. It’s just “multi-cult” party, one day they would tell people nice things (and people want  to believe that the leader will bring some positive outcome), and the following day they unite with the left wing or will say something totally leftist. People confused with all don’t know what to do.

Same we can see the massive clash when the true priests and bishops tell the truth and get dismissed by the Church’s mainstream. Christ was also the leader, the best leader of the nation, who nominated his best Apostles from those He had available, and they also could sin, and some had sinned. But when Christ was choosing them He said: “Go therefore, teach all the nations. Teach the teaching I have taught you.”

Today we can see that the successors of the Apostles do not teach His teaching. That they joined with the world and in fact perform world’s agenda that the Devil tells the world. And the world is about the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and of the mammon.

This world needs to be converted by the Holy Spirit and the Christ’s Truth and this is why the Catholic Church has been established. As The only Church owning the Truth that Christ preached at the beginning and until the end of times.

We see the situation in the world (not just in Poland) that not just one bishop has gone mad and does not preach Christ’s Gospel, but there is a mainstream of departing from the Truth of Christ and preaching some unknown things.

So if Christ’s Word is not proclaimed – will He come back to be blessing this world?

Therefore we should object those who conform with the liberal, modernist, progressive nonsense that those bishops preach (Protestant- Jewish- Judaeo-Christian, Pachamama and other folly), but align ourselves with Christ who gave us His teaching that is the same for all the ages, as He is the same today and for ever, and ever.

All this exposes the damage that has never before been seen in this world.

When there was Arianism (and it seemed that the Church was damaged) this was only prevalent in some places (Africa, bit of Europe, today’s Turkey, a bit of Greece).

S.K- But it was affecting the Vatican too.

Abp.L- Yes, but it was affecting only a part of the Church. Today the whole Church is rotten to the foundations, and the (real) foundation is Christ. The Church is rotten not because the Devil is now more important but because those who should perform God’s duties betrayed Christ and preached what they should not. They should be reprimanding evil and proclaiming what Christ has done, but they don’t do that. And they cast out those who are still doing something in the background of this whole corruption. They have the dominion to do what they do, but do they have the moral authority to cast out, in the name of Christ, those who actually better follow His order?

All those signs that are widespread all over the word today show that the time is approaching the end time. That doesn’t mean saying that tomorrow will be the end of the world and everything will be finished.

This world will end to every one of us with our death and the other world will start, where God will speak to us and judge us according to our love for Him. But it can came to a massive upheaval, as this world is so much possessed by the Devil, and we are already so much saturated with the rot , and all this indifference, and it’s so hard to change the despicable men.

(Abp. Lenga gives here the example when God spoke to Moses, as God was unhappy with the stubborn and  defiant nation, and told Moses that He would make the new nation originating from Moses himself. But Moses was asking God to spare the nation hoping that it could still convert to God).

And I already had said that all should be lost! Strong, isn’t it? But I also said, including myself. Because I can feel inside myself that my own primary devotion (when I used to have a different perception of clerical matters) used to be better years ago from the today’s one. I am also infected by all that modernism, not because I want it, but because I can smell it’s mal-odour every day. Whether I want it or not, I inhale it. Whether I want it or not, I touch it by saying that it is stinky, that it is bad. I have to combat it, but during that fight I’m polluted by it, it stains me. You cannot hide yourself in some place in the desert today, to avoid this cesspit of sin where we are. And this all  reveals great trepidation that can bring about God’s tribunal as there is no more earthly authority that would say: the world has to change. Politicians of all the levels say that something bad is going on but they do nothing to change it. All the more when they damaged the Catholic Church which is the only one that can and should still proclaim the will of the Christ. And the Catholic Church is also damaged by what goes on (and behind the scenes) at the Vatican, when Bergoglio meets with Rothschild’s and effectively hands them the power to rule even the Vatican, and he tells to listen to the UN rather than Christ. This, then is the catastrophe.

Therefore those who rebuke are on the margin, banished or on the blacklists. But the Protestants, Judaeo-Christians who came and usurped the churches built by your grandparents and ancestors, they are the ones sitting there. Get out of the Catholic Churches! Go and set your own Protestant congregations and there you can meet with Jews, Muslims, but not in the Catholic Churches that were built by Catholics at their own expense. Today they make themselves  masters in the Catholic Churches, throw the people out of the Churches and count who takes the Holy Eucharist. That’s not their business! That’s not the business of the priest, bishop and even the Pope.

God’s commandment calls us to remember to keep holy the Sabbath day. Everyone, from young to old, should be in the Church. This is the time for God. And to rest, no work on Sunday. Bishops don’t teach that. They sit quietly, remain tight-lipped. And they will criticize when you come to rebuke them for breaking God’s law. They do not want to listen, but only look for the  allies everywhere instead.

It was the same with Christ whom they crucified. Jews were saying that: it was “better for The One to die in place of the whole nation”. And they had gone wrong. Christ was resurrected but they are scattered throughout the whole world.  And today’s Catholics at the highest levels of hierarchy have gone mad, and instead of reminding of Christ’s Truth at the particular time, they are damaging the Church.

When Christ comes there will be a bigger scourge than it was at the beginning when Jews crucified Him. We are more guilty in what we perpetrated.  And not just the world but the people who  the Church, the wolves in sheep’s clothing. I blame cardinals, bishops, Bergoglio, all post-council bishops that have lived according to the Masonic agenda. I don’t blame every of them personally as I can’t get into their conscience, but I do judge the outcome of their activity, and that  is clearly visible without a magnifying glass. Until they awaken and convert they are shortening the time to Christ’s coming, in order to put everything in the right order. And then it may follow a very, very strong scourging, of them first, and then of the other sinners. As maybe they didn’t fully understand what they did, but they still will be accountable because the conscience stands in a clear position, it is transparent, and it wants the Truth.

But everything has been infected, and people live in this manure and think that this is how it should be. No, this should not be like this! God and conscience has to be listened to instead of various others who tell us the wrong things. Do not fear. Go forward. Convert. Everyone in their own place.

Maybe God will see our acts and maybe He will desist from “the end time” that has never been present in the History of the Church, and that may never be (in a foreseeable manner). This can be the final purification for all those people that are on the downward spiral to Hell. While those who are on the margin, who pray, believe and look for the will of God, He will find them. We are fighting for those wretches. They are wretches; bishops, cardinals, Bergoglio; convert Bergoglio as you will get lost like a mouse. But they say: “how can you say that to Bergoglio? “

Because he is a human, he sins, he has damaged the Church, he needs to be told that directly. But they incense him instead, to keep their positions at the trough!

So it is very dangerous now, it’s a slippery slope, we are walking on the cutting age, we will either fall on one side or another. This is very dangerous. Convert and believe in the Gospel. Otherwise our path is uncertain. Christ will come unexpectedly and He will reckon the accounts for everyone. Amen.

S.K- I would have a few more questions but our times has technically finished.  I will ask those questions in the next programme. Thank you very much.

Abp.L- Glory be to God.


Tosatti takes up Cionci’s Discussion of Benedict XVI’s intention to declare an impeded see

La Rinuncia di Benedetto e la Questione della “Sede Impedita”.

by Andrea Cionci

Authorized English translation

Under the blanket of silence of the mainstream media, a true “anti-papal war” is being waged, carried on by canonists, theologians and jurists from various countries, loyal to Benedict XVI.

“There is only one pope” Ratzinger has been repeating for eight years, without ever explaining which of the two, as recently confirmed (unintentionally) by Archbishop Gaenswein. The thesis of the lawyer Acosta, published in March in the volume “Benedict XVI: pope emeritus?”, has not been denied: canon 332.2 imposes for the abdication of the pope the obligation of the renunciation of the munus (divine title) while Ratzinger, in his Declaratio of February 11, 2013, declared to renounce only the ministerium, its active exercise.

“Benedict XVI – says Acosta and jurist Sànchez (Univ. Seville) – has never abdicated, he remains the only pope; Francis is an antipope and the cardinals appointed by him, are invalid, and can only elect another antipope.”

But now the final clash is between the scholars of the Latin Language, over a single verb: “vacet.” The Vatican, which already in the translations of Declaratio had eliminated the dichotomy of munus and ministerium, rendering them both with the one term, “ministry”, has translated “vacet” as “sede vacante”. Legitimate though this be, the Latinist Gianluca Arca explains that, in a literal sense, this verb means “the see remains vacant”. Confirmed by two Latinists (“neutral”) of La Sapienza, Prof. Ursini and Piras, so much so that Cicero writes: “Ego filosophiae semper vaco” – “I am always free for philosophy”.

Thus, three key concepts of Benedict’s Declaratio remain: 1) Since I no longer have the strength to exercise practical power (ministerium) I declare that I renounce it, 2) so that the See of St. Peter’s will remain FREE (not “vacant” in the juridical sense) as of 8 p.m. on February 28. 3) And I declare that the next new Pontiff must be elected by a conclave summoned “by those whom are competent (to do so)”.

Read in this way, the Declaratio, from a canonically problematic “renunciation”, is transformed into a declaration – not juridical – but coherent, of an impeded See, according to canon 412, where in “the Bishop is totally impeded from exercising the pastoral office in the diocese by reason of imprisonment, confinement, exile or incapacity, being unable to communicate even by letter with his diocesan subjects”.

Plausible? Vatileaks and the summary dismissal of Gotti Tedeschi tell of how, in the end, Benedict had great problems in being obeyed and could not communicate by letter, since they were stealing and disclosing his private mail.

In fact, on February 28, 2013, he took the helicopter, left physically free and empty, the see of St. Peter, departing for Castel Gandolfo. From there, he said goodbye to the world at 17.30, but at the stroke of 20.00, he did not sign any renunciation of the ministerium, as explained by the theologian Pace: perhaps because it would have been an invalid legal act? From that moment, the Sede impedita would have started and Ratzinger’s enemies would have been able to do what they wanted with the See of St. Peter.

“Arca and Sànchez agree: “This explains the strange phrase ‘the conclave will have to be summoned by those who are competent’. Why did he not simply say “by the cardinals”? Aware of the fact that the seat would be usurped, Ratzinger specified that, in any case, the next real pope must be elected only by the real cardinals, that is, those appointed by real popes, by himself and John Paul II, and not by any usurpers.”

Still no response from the Vatican which, for the past two years, has chosen not to comment on the issue, limiting itself to excommunicating without canonical process the priests loyal to Benedict.

However, the concept of an impeded See explains a number of oddities, such as when Ratzinger wrote in “Last Conversations”: “No pope has resigned for a thousand years, and even in the first millennium it was an exception”. Given that six popes abdicated in the first millennium and four in the second, he assimilates himself, as confirmed by the historian Mores (Univ. Milan) to the “exception” of the medieval pope Benedict VIII who, in the first millennium, was sent into exile by an antipope and then had – coincidentally – was restore to his see. It is also significant that the institution of the pope emeritus is now considered non-existent, so much so that – as Il Giornale.reports – the Vatican is working (now) to find a jurisprudential solution. So what has Ratzinger been for eight years? It would explain his white robe, the other papal prerogatives that he continues to enjoy and the strange ambiguity that persists in his statements and interviews, suggesting an inability to communicate clearly, because of the impeded seat.

The suspicion – a very serious one – is that in fact Pope Ratzinger has been communicating subtly through books and interviews for eight years, without anyone picking up his logical messages hidden under apparent inconsistencies. Is it possible that the adamantine and highly cultured theologian, after 2013 has forgotten Latin, canon law, Church history, while continuing to write books and give profound interviews? And that all these distractions always lead to the same scenario of the impeded See?

The latest discovery was made by a journalist from RomaIT, Mirko Ciminiello. Again in “Latest Conversations,” Ratzinger admits that he himself may indeed be the last pope on St. Malachy’s list of pontiffs: he practically does not consider Francis as his legitimate successor.

If Benedict has not abdicated, in fact, the lines of succession are forever separated: one papal and one anti-papal, and if the cardinals do not settle the canonical question about his Declaratio, the true Church will continue in hiding, with a next spiritual leader who is the true successor of Benedict XVI, while the official see will be lost, left in the hands of a new eco-masonic-globalist church that will have nothing to do with Roman Catholicism. Quite the contrary.

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