16 thoughts on “Man stumbles upon NWO Concentration Camp in British Colombia”

    1. Yes. You can bring it up in full picture. It is built to house 900 workers (they say) who will be working on the great oil pipeline which will bring oil down from the north right into the USA – which of course Biden, with Trudeau co-operating?, has put a stop to. see: Keystone XL pipeline halted as Biden revokes permit – AP News Another One World Order tree hugging move.

  1. Couple hours away from Vanderhoof i could probably get more footage of the place, could check it out this week.

    1. It does not appear to be such, because, from the video, you can see that the road is above the camp. But in the image in the link you have shared the road is alongside at on the level with the camp.

      However, it could be another camp of the same time. The design looks similar.

  2. While the presence of the camp(s) does not, by itself, prove a malign agenda, it should be clear that even if they were built for pipeline construction, they can quickly be repurposed into becoming detention camps. A remote location would be ideal for such a camp.

  3. Br. A., as I’ve been commenting on another thread, over 50,000 Americans were forced out of their homes yesterday, under the guise of a mandatory hurricane evacuation, northern Gulf of Mexico. I thought it was really strange when I found out several years ago IBM bought the Weather Channel. Now this morning I find out the head of AccuWeather is a political appointee. The other news services are to my knowledge controlled by government data sources. This appears to be a false flag. I should know more by end of day.

  4. Just found out weather underground, news source, is also owned by IBM. So similar to the situation with medical care the powers that be have taken over the flow of weather information in the US. This apparently is the means they will be using to force Americans out of their homes en masse. What’s going on today remains to be seen, whether it was a dry run evacuation, false flag, whatever, but no matter what they tell us on the mainstream news today, from all indications it will be a controlled narrative. My one source of video from Louisiana has apparently been blocked, he did say his videos were not going thru after he uploaded them, that was about six hours ago, nothing new has been posted since. Based on the local radar I’m able to see on my cell phone this is a moderate tropical storm, normal almost daily occurrence this time of year, the government is calling it an epic cat 4.

  5. In Ontario the govt has openly admitted to planning camps for isolation for covid and other purposes not yet disclosed. I expect they’ll be harvesting vital organs of the uninjected.

    1. Gosh people unless you have evidence…stop this fear mongering…if it is real then post real information….dear Lord I hope people will learn to think for themselves and check things out for themselves….yes there is a lot of unusual things going on…but it premature to guess…speculate….or cause others to fear…so stop it…be mature…give real information….

  6. My buddy finally showed up from Louisiana on the internet posted at 10:37 am eastern time. Maximum winds 45 mph, exactly what I was getting on my radar on the cell phone. Moderate rain event. In other words a garden variety tropical storm. MSM is trying to spin it as a cat 4 or 5, a total load of crap.

  7. Just a week ago, here in southwestern Connecticut, we were told we were going to have the worst hurricane to make landfall in New England in 30 years. We had a little rain and a very little wind and that was it. It was incredibly hyped up, but people were accepting it — clearing out whole aisles in Stop & Shop (big grocery chain here).

  8. We have the being built in Australia and they aren’t even subtle. Look up Resilience camps Australia. Wish I was joking.

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