Icke: All the tricks that the Globalist Media will use to hide the Mass Die-off

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19 thoughts on “Icke: All the tricks that the Globalist Media will use to hide the Mass Die-off”

  1. Everyone should watch this. He nails it. I only wish that David Icke, who rightly decries the scamdemic, was a Catholic, rather than a new ager who also promotes occult ideas. So many COVID truth tellers are into the occult, which damages their credibility and prevents many people from listening to them.

    1. Because we learn from the occult what they are doing as it is a part of that system. To be fair, I was a Pagan, and the only way I could ever see what is happening is because of what I learned as a Pagan. I am now a Christian as I understand more fully Christ’s role in setting humanity free. Sometimes you literally have to go through hell to figure out why it’s bad.

  2. How did they get everyone, administors etc…to use that metazopam? Who ordered it ft or every facility………how did China get it first?

  3. So what were all our friends getting sick from? They were not in hospitals? How does this make sense?

    1. They got the seasonal flu, or a new variant of the flu. But everything becomes the deadly novel coronavirus thanks to PCR test trickery or doctors simply assuming they have it, because federal money.

  4. Very good video. Permit me to include a footnote here that David Icke is the Alex Jones of the UK. He is most assuredly a tool/double agent of MI-5, and is known to be a big proponent of quite New Age type religiosity. As with Alex, we need to be alert for either untruth that he includes, or essential truth that he withholds (perhaps key details, or more precise/critical information about the ultimate agendas, or the foundational affiliations of the real puppeteers behind the scenes). He will never approach things from a Christian (let alone Catholic) perspective or world view — which is ultimately the TRUE and ESSENTIAL perspective we need in order to understand the Satanic “Great Reset.”

    1. Just a small part of the world is Christian, what about the rest? I don’t follow any man-made religions because of they are MAN made. But from a perspective of your religion what about the rest of people? Why only (if) the Bible predicts the end of the world? It’s also a kind of predictive programming you know. The other side of the coin. You don’t have to be religious to understand satanists’ plan. But I rather wish to be ‘un-programmed’ by any.

  5. He does a good job of summarizing everything. I did not know the specifics about the Remdesevir (sp.) drug targeting vulnerable in care homes but does not surprise me one bit as I was on the front line during first half of 2020 literally witnessing ambulances show up to haul people away sometimes three times in one night at a facility with a population of 100. The ambulance was there at least once a day during that time period, which is highly unusual. If staff is doing their job properly they were hardly ever called.

  6. Unfortunately, the Icke video is over an hour long, which is a long time to listen to what is very likely to be a clever blend of truth and subtle disinformation.

    I’m with Vive la Vendee on this one. Icke used to work as a (sports?) presenter for the BBC, a notorious state propaganda organ. Then all of a sudden, he left and well and truly “left the reservation”. His tried and trusted technique across the years has been to cultivate a “conspiracy theorist” persona, even promoting the existence of lizard people. When someone who yesterday was promoting lizard people then supports “your” cause, whatever that might be, the seriousness of your cause in the public eye is then diminished by association with a nutter. Beware. He’s a poisoned chalice — and it’s an old technique.

    Br. Alexis. You might care to ponder on the fact that Icke is promoting the idea that *all* covid is simply flu. Not just some, but all.

    1. FromRome.Info publishes articles and information from all sources which oppose the Great Reset. This does not constitute an endorsement of the persons or organizations which produce them, nor of their personal lives.

    2. And I dont get how he is saying it was caused by giving those drugs . I mean, what were all those people brought into the hospital for if they did not get those drugs until they got hospitalized ?

    3. Half-truth. Icke was one of the first to write about graphene oxide. Also about 5G. However he is fishy since the lizard tale, I agree and that’s a problem. Follow orwell.city.
      By the way, Icke was right, neither flu nor covid are viral illnesses, flu is eletro-smog poisoning, it’s frequent only since the start of the wide use of electricity, we are electrical, these inventions (radio, radar, satellites, wireless tech) all mess with our bodies, that’s why flu became a regular guest. Covid came with 5G, Sorry Icke is right, covid is flu ‘upgrade’.

  7. I just want to comment on ‘over an hour long’. Last night I woke up before midnight, which is unusual, turned on this video thinking it would be quick and yes it seemed like forever and much of it could have been avoided. And I am paying the ultimate price this morning, aches and pains, wobbly on my feet, it has literally thrown me off of my game for the day. However, my maternal grandfather being mostly British in lineage and having some of the same or similar speech patterns it’s kind of how they talk, in general, I wouldn’t read too much into it. They tend to talk as if they’re standing around in a pub having a pint with friends when they go on like this, having absolutely no respect for anyone’s time. Sometimes the best thing to do is treat them as you would any other, walk away from it if it’s not your cup of tea.

  8. I feel that I must support David Icke. He has said many things in the past that appear to have unfortunately come true now. During this Covid time he has brought many people together on protest marches etc. He is certainly keen to help humanity, because he knows we are at the point of extinction with the vaxx threat. Yes he has said some strange things at the start of his leaking ‘conspiracy theories’, and they may have been necessary to protect himself from the powers that be. Sometimes it pays to play the fool. The fact that he worked for the BBC from as he describes his humble beginnings is a bit strange. Sometimes when he speaks he stutters a bit, and that may be deliberate, to be careful what he says, but when he’s on a roll he is very fluent. I have never seen him live at one of his many past public talks. Yes, there are things that he says that do not conform with Christian/Catholic beliefs, but that can be over looked. The point is he is for us, not against us as people. I also realise to gain a wide and diverse audience you cannot afford to have favourites.

  9. As stated here by many, it is pretty definitively known that David Icke is some sort of double agent, and basically the British equivalent of Alex Jones (a double agent here). Yes, Icke will be articulate. Yes, he will provide good information. Yes, we can learn a lot from him. We all know this. But we must be very careful, especially because he WE KNOW definitively that he is occult/new age oriented. This should be a big red flag of warning.

    People really seeking to understand things today need to FIRST understand that the majority of prominent so-called “truth tellers” today are controlled by our enemies. Their presentations must be very carefully received. And David Icke has enough “red flags” to put all of us on serious guard…

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