11 thoughts on “Questions about Trump’s participation in the Vaxx program, from 2020”

  1. I do not trust Trump . When he said for all to take the vaccine I realized he was bought and sold. I wondered about him long ago when he stepped down from the presidency without a fight. I noticed a change in him around 2019.

  2. We were all duped! He’s a player! Free Mason! Pro Life..he is not! This whole election garbage was planned! I WILL NEVER VOTE AGAIN!


  3. Jane Burgermeister’s email to James Mattis over evidence he is part of A PLOT TO MASS POISON AMERICANS, SOLDIERS DOCUMENTED IN E17 449
    [Mattis Austin implicated in biological warfare criminal probe naming TRUMP AS CONSPIRATOR in coronavirus plot] https://thefourthempire.blogspot.com/2021/08/dear-james-mattis-former-secretary-of.html

    Jane Burgermeister’s email to Fauci, Walensky, Woodcock and Gates about the OPENVAERS DEATH DATA, CONSISTENT WITH NOTION OF A PLOT DOCUMENTED IN PROSECUTOR PROBES D 15 218, E 17449
    [COVID VACCINES, TRUMP, GATES ARE SUBJECT OF CRIMINAL PROBE IN GREECE] https://thefourthempire.blogspot.com/2021/07/my-email-to-fauci-walensky-woodcock-and.html

  4. Yes!! Finally, there is something available to help EXPOSE THE FRAUD OF TRUMP — the FAKE “populist,” the FAKE “conservative,” the FAKE “Christian,” TRUE BUDDY of Jeffrey Epstein, and GLOBALIST TOOL PAR EXCELLENCE! He is WORSE than Obozo and Senile Joe because Trump PRETENDS to be religious and conservative, and so while FOOLING his often fanatic, but utterly misled devotees, he was DISMANTLING AMERICA behind the scenes!!

    In addition to the 2 HUGE agendas in the video here (Trump’s CONTINOUS promotion of the VAX agenda and the deadly 5G rollout), we also know that Trump was a big supporter of the sodomy agenda.

    But VERY few people know that Trump SIGNED AWAY the national sovereignty of the USA via the “USMCA” treaty : a rebranding, renaming and successful resurrection of the very evil “North American Union.” We NO LONGER have national sovereignty and TRUMP DID THIS. We will see and HATE all the coming ramifications — but will be powerless to stop things on the natural level. This was a HUGE and long-sought-after win for the globalist CFR and other Satanic elite operatives — who used their PUPPET Trump to give the previously dubbed “North American Union” legal teeth. Trump thus ranks among the biggest traitor presidents (if not THE biggest traitor) we have ever had. Not sure if google will let us see anything these days except praise for the USMCA. Here’s a good link, though:

    As for Trump being an authentically “pro-life” president, another big FRAUD he was here, too. “Taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood increased by nine percent (9.4%), from $563.8 million in 2017 to $616.8 million in taxpayer dollars (highest amounts recorded in recent years) in 2018.”
    For more info here see:

    ADDITIONALLY, Trump FAST-TRACKED the production/approval of a higher level of GMO foods to poison all of us.

    Lastly here (but there’s much more), he also overturned the only good thing that Obozo did: Obozo STOPPED the nationwide distribution and repurposing of military armaments, equipment, MRAPS, Bear Cats, etc., etc. that were being given to any and all podunk (and often corrupt and freemasonic) law enforcement jurisdictions in the country. TRUMP RE-INSTITUTED this outfitting and arming of America’s local law enforcement agencies with MILITARY-GRADE EQUIPMENT, so that at the appointed time, these local entities can more easily decimate their local people themselves, or allow the FEDS or UN to have that privilege with the finest military arms just waiting to be taken over and deployed against us.

    TRUMP IS A FRAUD!!!! The media pretends not to like him, but has helped make a demi-god out of him for his followers — and keeps the fake left/right deception alive. We cannot trust ANY politician today — they are ALL put or allowed in office to CONTINUE the globalist agendas. And especially we can’t trust TRUMP. He played (and plays) his charade VERY well, and still has most of his followers fooled…

    The Satanic agenda moves inexorably FORWARD NO MATTER WHO OCCUPIES THE WHITE HOUSE. “Only Our Lady can save us.”

  5. for me, in fairness to President-elect Trump, remember election was approaching while he was being expertly planned by his globalist enemies to succumbed to defeat, thus President-elect Trump tried everything possible to counter the surged of the CCP virus plus the advices from FDA, CDC people and perhaps from mr tonio putzi

  6. Im not a Biden fan.
    But, look at the career of Trump.
    You see him in his hotel organizing world champion boxing contests. Can only been done when you have maffia support.
    His financial beings are kept in darkness, same as Bidens btw.
    Look at the House of Representatives and the Senate.
    All multi millionaires.
    When you are a multi millionaire you want to protect your fortune and enlarge it. Most people do.
    So they have other interests than being there for other people.
    One of Satan’s ways of grabbing hold onto you.
    The self proclaimed ‘elite’ always bets on both horses.
    So, people get bitten by the one or the other.

  7. Trump was always Controlled Opposition.

    This from 2016 predicted EXACTLY what would happen with Trump getting elected – “It is likely that the plan is just as workable whether the next president is Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or a wild card like Joe Biden, though I’m leaning towards the Donald strategy as the Trump card which will lead the charge of American nationalism towards a global governance framework.” All his “blunders” pushed forward the NWO Agenda — his appointment of “Enemies”, Chris Wray etc. — how stupid is anyone who, at least now, can’t see thru this? Watch his Wrestling bs and see he is only an actor–same as when he was “president” — he is a total Con Artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMKFIHRpe7I

    The Rothschilds bailed Trump out, owned him, and groomed him to be President if needed — they controlled both sides so they don’t ever lose — people not seeing this are in denial at this point:https://www.europereloaded.com/rothschild-inc-saved-donald-trump/

  8. Did not like the fact the our former President was pushing this vaccine. It also seems that he took the vaccine, and he admitted it to supporters in Alabama, but we can not say for certain that he is with the current Cabal of globalists! Why would they work so hard to defeat him if he was part of them?

    1. Trump family are allied with Skull and Bones, and the Biden’s are allied with the Pilgrim Society. Lodges do have rivalries..

  9. Trump is the highest paid actor on the planet. He is the 8th most evil man according to this list of Top 10 Most Evil People in 2020 https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Articles/tabid/109/ID/4101/The-Top-Ten-Most-Evil-People-In-2020.aspx

    Trump’s highest role is acting as the (fake) modern King Cyrus https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Portals/1/Content/Files/audio/Changing-the-Narrative-Ep-8-Chuck-Baldwin.mp3

    Trump has the same masters of Francis-the-Judas-Pope and Judas Iscariot https://christiansfortruth.com/to-please-the-jews-and-deny-jesus-christ-pope-francis-restricts-latin-mass/ and https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Links/NewsLinks.aspx?Category=Zionism and https://fitzinfo.net/jq/

    Why Bergoglio alias Francis is the Judas-Pope. http://www.zephaniah.eu/index_htm_files/Judas%20and%20the%20Coming%20One%20World%20Religion.pdf

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