USA: 88% of those who died by WHO protocols could have been saved by Hydroxychloroquine

If you had a loved one who died in a place where hydroxychloroquine was banned or restricted or refused, send this video to your attorney and sue the doctors, hospital and politicians who killed your love one.

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7 thoughts on “USA: 88% of those who died by WHO protocols could have been saved by Hydroxychloroquine”

  1. I saw in the news the factory where a large percentage of this global supply was produced ‘exploded’ shortly before the scamdemic. As I recall it was in Taiwan.

  2. It’s all down to protocols. In many Western countries, utterly inappropriate protocols have been imposed by political diktat on doctors. Under the law, doctors have been prevented from using their own training and discretion when treating patients. This was discussed here:

    In the USA, healthcare is now largely corporate — and very profit oriented. If you break the corporate-imposed protocol, which is generally designed to maximize profit, you lose your job. If it happens to kill people, well that’s too bad.

    So, suing in countries with a legally-imposed protocol isn’t going to get you very far, since it’s all “legal”. In the USA, the corporations will pass responsibility to the government/CDC/NIH. Good luck with that.

    1. Protocols are one thing, right, as a former care giver it takes a while to figure out how that game is played, many die in the process. The other part of it is misusing diagnostic codes. I personally watched doctors misuse this medical power to try to steer the outcome a certain way. Diagnostic coding using PCR tests has to be a new low.

  3. The parasites that run WHO, UN, EU, The Vatican & its Episcopates, CCP, US + UK & other secular Governments are all possessed by Satan & under his control. The connivance of evil popes & prelates with corrupt politicians, climate changers etc. has wilfully led to this current situation & they are now poised to take over the government of the world.

    As God was heard by Pope Leo XIII giving Satan whatever time he needed to dispose of His Church there is nothing we humans can do to stop any of this evil destruction from taking place. If God wills it then it must be done, but there will be an end some day when the time is up. As we don’t know the actual start time of the 100 years (it doesn’t fit with the date of the conversation in 1884) this can only mean we are suffering the consequences rather than the actual spiritual war itself, as Pope Leo did see St. Michael putting Satan down to Hell by his sword in the same vision & according to the late Cardinal Caffarra Sr. Lucia wrote him saying “do not be afraid, because Our Lady has already crushed his head.”

    What we all should be focusing on in the accomplishment of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I believe when this is finally achieved tradition & peace will be returned to us for a short period of time before the Antichrist appears. We certainly need a break to get back those who have left & those who should, by God’s Will, become part of His Church on earth.

  4. Since my last comment, I found that in the USA, healthcare providers are given immunity from all legal action as long as they follow the (iinappropriate) protocol recommanded by the government.

    So the legal path has effectively been closed off in the USA and suing doctors is unlikely to be an option worth pursuing.

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