WHO backs Digital Vaxx Passport Technology backed by Bill Gates

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5 thoughts on “WHO backs Digital Vaxx Passport Technology backed by Bill Gates”

  1. Is this in answer to the Supreme Court in Spain not passing a law in favour of these passports? It will be interesting to note if WHO has jurisdiction over national law & if so will our citizens rise up against the non-elected WHO. We are living in exceedingly dangerous times of a total world takeover by the Devil whom we are not empowered to fight. Everyone, including Atheists & infidels, should pray to the only One capable of ending this calamity i.e. the One True Godhead who made the universe & everything in it including human beings & Satan himself.

  2. The ignorant majority. I feel sorry for heaven, what are they going to do about all the people going along with this? Conversion seems far fetched at this point, without supernatural intervention.

  3. If this gets the global greenlight, then we city dwellers and innocents are fooked! Oh my gosh, it’s going smoothly as they planned.

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