Fr. Altman unloads on Bergoglio, “Who calls himself the bishop of Rome”
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6 thoughts on “Fr. Altman unloads on Bergoglio, “Who calls himself the bishop of Rome””

  1. The tissue used for the vaccine is NOT from dead babies.
    You CANNOT use dead tissue. The baby has to be alive.

    1. When one says that the tissue used is from dead babies, the dead refers to the babies who died long ago, not to the tissue at the momement it was taken…

  2. The seal of false obedience & secrecy surrounding the invalid conclave that un-canonically elected JB to office must be broken. It has been allowed to fester in favour of a blatant Antipope, Apostate, Heretic & Idolater. There is no sanity in acknowledging a false resignation & election brought about by coercion & sinister plotting in order to facilitate the NWO Great Reset. Canon Law decrees such undertakings as invalid & their consequences null & void. All prelates who mistakenly, or otherwise, voted for the Destroyer should immediately resign & allow those who didn’t to declare JB an Antipope & proceed to dismiss him & his demonic supporters from the CC. Neither the good nor the bad can hope to save their souls by continuing to uphold Satan’s army within the Vatican & its Episcopates.

  3. Our Churches are closed in NSW at present and have been so since June 26th. After speaking from a canon lawyer she said to ask you if you have gone to your Arcbhishop to get a differing opinion.?From an ecclesial point of view,it is NOT an offense to keep a church open and to perform the sacraments during a Pandemic. Church and State have distinct jurisdictions.God keep giving you courage Faith and love!

  4. I am a couple days late in reading my emails. It looks like the video has been taken down!

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