Israel: Rothschild President wants to microchip babies to control social distancing

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8 thoughts on “Israel: Rothschild President wants to microchip babies to control social distancing”

  1. If this is not “they” mark of the beast, it’s most certainly “a” mark of the beast.

  2. The cops should be wearing one then they couldn’t get close to and arrest and fine innocent people like criminals because they breach covid rules or for anything they falsely claim a person has done wrong. All in the name of getting their quotas up.

  3. We are beginning to see blatant separation of those either partially or fully possessed by God, those partially or fully possessed by Satan; there is no medical fix for the later. I still believe God will bring the Garabandal Warning at some point, to give these folks one last wake up call/opportunity to convert.

  4. It just proves as well that they expect their scamdemic to be around for the long term.
    (No return to normality.)

  5. I couldn’t read the article or watch the video but this is madness, but what is madness in 2021. It’s all madness. Microchip babies. Babies are certainly under attack in our world. These precious little beings, innocent as a new morning. Please God, help the vulnerable unborn and born. Open people’s eyes to protect them. Good grief Israel, better bring Bebe back quick.

  6. Herzog is openly gay and has no interest on life si ever. This quote of him shows the hate some gay people have against procreation. Scumbag!

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