Vaxx won’t Kill everyone? — The truth is, however, the Pandemic was designed for population control…

This video opens with the evidence to convict Fauci for premeditated murder for advocating Remdesivir, a highly deadly antibiotic, which has killed all the Covid patients. Covid was used as the cover to hide the deliberate plan to genocide Americans.

Man who discovered the cure for Lupus speaks. Amazing cure is very simple, detailed at beginning of this video.

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8 thoughts on “Vaxx won’t Kill everyone? — The truth is, however, the Pandemic was designed for population control…”

  1. Couldn’t the vex just have a small positive probability of killing you, or only some of the vials are deadly? That way they can say ” but not everyone is dying”.

    We see that it is statistically impossible that people are suffering side effects by chance. Yet not everyone has known side effects.

  2. As of today reported 204M Americans have taken at least one shot. They are walking dead. There are reported 209M US citizens over age 18. The way I look at these numbers the vast majority of those injected are adults, those under the age of 18 who are injected will either infest their family members or become a disabled burden to them or both. It’s over folks, time to start seriously wrapping up our survival plans and execute on them. God help those who choose to stay behind fighting the perps. To be perfectly blunt the time to sound the alarms was 10 years ago when I and a handful of others began making a big stink. We were silenced, ostracized, called every name in the book, left for dead. Even by our own families and fellow Catholics.

  3. Not everyone will have had the real deathvax. Some will be placebo otherwise it will be really obvious what is the real plan. Can’t have everyone dropping down. However, I personally know of 4 people (1 relative, 1 ex, 1 ex neighbour) who have died after the vax-the-nations. Age 36 – 72. All sudden heart attacks. Go figure! 2 older neighbours are in hospital with brain clots. Those who have taken it are spiritually dead, and probably physically compromised. Younger people will be sterile as a result of “following the science” instead for following the faith. I am from an Irish family and cannot believe how they are drinking in the devil’s soup. I am estranged from my entire family/family friends as a result of being a critical thinker, pro-safety, pro-life. But I choose GOD. This is a test and a trial. Have worked in 2 London hospitals during this plandemic (not medical/clinical) but this is the biggest CON JOB ever. NHS is being dismantled and has been taken over by the “government”. Hospikill is the last place you want to end up in. The pressure to get the deathvax at work was immense. Put on the spot publicly, shunned. But stood my ground. The adverse reactions colleagues had were unbelievable and they are not connecting the dots or accepting the situation through , I think, pride. If we cannot pass through this test then we will not be able to withstand what is coming. Total societal collapse. Only Our Lady can help us now.

    1. No, only Jesus can help us! Mary is not Deity. Mary was the mother of the man Christ Jesus, humanity part. Chosen by God to bring the Savior into the world but also had to also put her faith in Christ to be saved. God has no mother, but the son of God did.

      1. You obviously are unfamiliar with what we mean by the title, “Mother of God” or Theotokos. Used since the 2nd century and defined at the council of Ephesus by the entire Christian world, in 431, it means that Mary is the Mother of Him Who according to His Name and Divine Person is the Son of God. As such there is no human being with a closer relationship. Nor was there one with a greater faith. So those who beg Her to intercede from them from His Throne of Mercy receive more abundant graces and miracles. They also never forget who they really are. That is why Jesus gave Mary to us as our Mother as His last redemptive act upon the Cross.

  4. Dr. Bryan Ardis gives a powerful testimony of the criminal conspiracy of Fauci, the CDC, FDA, and others to push the COVID genocide onto Americans and the whole world. I used to be proud to be an American, but now I’m ashamed and pained to discover that so many I used to trust are psychopathic mass murderers.

    Like so many others, I am under extreme pressure at work to buckle under to threats issued by company tyrants regarding the deathvaxx. With God’s grace, I will not submit.

    I agree with John’s comment:
    “Our Lord is revealing who is open to His grace, and who is not.”

    I am calling on St. Paul (my confirmation name saint), St. Joan of Arc (victorious in battle), St. Maximilian Kolbe (martyred by the Nazis), St. Joseph (patron of workers to help me find a Catholic employer), and the Blessed Virgin Mary (I’m consecrated to her) for help in these dark days.

  5. Surprised how Antonio Socci is supporting vaccine with ridiculous propaganda articles, with Photos to match, I refer to an old photo of Pope Benedict XVI seen sitting with Bergoglio, stating Pope Benedict XVI and Francis received the vaccine, he’s using same tactics as Cupich, My response.
    I have never witnessed Pope Benedict XVI receive a vaccine, I was told he did. I was also told that he did not write books with Cardinal Sarah, I was told that he read Burgolio’s books. This is absurd, my mom is a nurse and an RN has been teaching virology for years. People have died from the vaccine. The Vatican’s statements are meaningless. Pachamama Papa has no credibility. This is a decision of a doctor and a patient, Pope Benedict XVI is an obvious prisoner. Too bogus!
    The fact that a bunch of Masonic NWO Satanist are pushing vaccine is ludicrous and Soccis articles laughable!

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