Cionci responds to US Intel Agent’s last desperate attempt to sustain Bergoglio

by Andrea Cionci

(Authorized English translation — For Italian original click the image above)

While Bergoglio makes a clean sweep of the “intellectual class” within the Church by decapitating the liveliest ecclesial movements and proceeds to what appears to many as a Vatican “personnel reshuffle”, we received an article from an American gentleman, Steven O ‘ Reilly, in dispute of the theory of the now known Plan B HERE. However, his contemptuous tones (he defines our work as “ridiculous”) are not very dialogical and therefore we will limit ourselves to a single answer.

He, while criticizing so bitterly Francis, absolutely recognizes him as the Pope. Legitimate, however so be his dispute, at the foundation there is an error of method, because the interlocutor does not start from where we started, or rather from the ascertainment of some OBJECT, AS IN EXPLAINABLE FACT/DATA. We have been “FORCED” BY LOGIC to have to configure the very uncomfortable and shocking hypothesis of Plan B which is the only one to provide a coherent framework for a series of facts that this man avoids analyzing in bulk. (Believe us, we would have preferred not, since this “one against all” Is just a source of annoyance, a real bitter cup). We have listed the main reasons that led to this thesis HERE and in fact they only received an intrigued silence from a journalist of the level of Massimo Franco HERE who, as the only answer, invited us to write a book.

It is not that we started from a goal and then we patched up a theory looking here and there for some support to ” unseat ” someone, as Dr. Riccardo Petroni in his protest-kamikaze has done HERE. (Among other things, the fact that Petroni , denying the divinity of Christ , “massacred” himself in that way thanks to an ancient homage from the Holy Father Benedict XVI is a very suggestive event, which makes one think).

It is exactly the opposite: the theory of Plan B has been assembled by itself hand by hand, in an organic and orderly way, as if it had a life of its own, on the basis of some “bricks” made up of documents and facts investigated in detail.

Instead, what does our American interlocutor do? He starts from the end, saying: “How is it possible that Ratzinger wanted to do this or this”? It is like denying that Luigino stole the jam because “he knows that his mother is angry”. The problem is that we surprised Luigino in the pantry with his fingers dirty with a sweet and sticky material with a fruit taste … And we are trying to understand what will never have happened ….

It cannot be excluded that a fact has occurred, regardless, judging whether the possible motivations of the person responsible can be more or less realistic. The motive is revealed in the end. Meanwhile, investigate what has been done : the what, the how and the when. Then we will find out why .

However, in the intellectual desert in which Plan B – for now, at least – reigns without valid disputes, we also greedily collect the objections of this gentleman.

Objection 1: “If Benedict XVI intended to fake his resignation, that would mean that he allowed a modernist to be “ostensibly” elected pope, in which case this pope would certainly be a true antipope, potentially leading millions upon millions of Catholics to perdition through his false doctrines. . How could Benedict justify this for any reason? The end does not justify the means! Benedict would be morally responsible for allowing the wolves to ravage the sheep without the protection of their chief shepherd here on earth, Benedict himself! It is one thing to suggest that a shepherd may lurk, seemingly abandoning the sheep to hide in the dark and ambush a wolf when he prowls the flock before the wolf attacks. However,it is quite another thing to suggest that a good shepherd can allow the wolf free reign – and then for eight years! Impossible. Benedict is not such a monster ”.

Answer 1: The best known Italian philosopher, Prof. Giorgio Agamben quoted by Peter Seewald has already answered this statement : the real reason for Benedict’s resignation was the desire to awaken the eschatological awareness (concerning the ultimate destinies of man) of believers: ” In the divine plan of salvation, the Church would also have the function of being both” Church of Christ and Church of the Antichrist “. The resignation would be a prefiguration of the SEPARATION between “Babylon” and “Jerusalem” in the Church. Instead of engaging in the logic of maintaining power, with his resignation from office Ratzinger emphasized its spiritual authority, thus contributing to its strengthening ”.

In confirmation of the concept, in the interview book ” Ein Leben”, Ratzinger himself declares : ” My intention was not simply and primarily to clean up the small world of the Curia, but rather in the Church as a whole”. What else , dear sir?

In Plan B, Ratzinger has chosen a strategy that contemplates giving land to the opponent . How can you judge a general (who should be assisted by the Holy Spirit) who opts for a strategic retreat by saying “is that man crazy to give so much ground to the enemy?”. Leave it alone: If Plan B is true, it is designed to be a kind of nuclear bomb for past, present and future modernism. Its duration does not depend on Ratzinger, who still continues to send inputs today, but on the listlessness of Catholics and clergy who do not take into consideration the mysterious facts which have been patiently illustrated. Certain things could have been understood immediately since already in 2013 someone had realized that the renunciation was not right. But evidently it was necessary to get to the Pachamama and the abolition of the Latin mass for someone to start screwing in the first light bulbs. It will probably take a few more stops on the modernist train, and Orthodox Catholics will have to suffer a few more pinches before waking up from their nightmare and trying to change the paradigm by asking the feral question: “Maybe Bergoglio doesn’t have what it takes to be the pope?”.

Furthermore, from a theological point of view, it must be remembered that the Roman Pontiff is not the “baby-sitter of humanity”. Every man has the free will to choose the truth according to contingencies, and God infallibly recognizes who, knowingly, has taken the broad way, that of the world, and who unwittingly, guided by bad teachers, in good faith has taken the wrong path . God sees in the heart of man and will give everyone his own, according to perfect justice.

Moreover, our interlocutor has very harsh words for Francis, he defines him as a wolf devouring the flock, and it is very difficult for a true pope to be a wolf for his own sheep, since this would go against the words of Christ: “(the Gates of) Hell will not prevail” . So either Christ was wrong, or the interlocutor is contradicting himself and Bergoglio is not the pope.

Objection 2 ) If Benedict XVI had wanted to fake his resignation, it would have been very presumptuous of him. Benedict would have no way of knowing in advance that he would survive long enough, given his advanced age, even to cast his “trap” on the antipope and his modernist henchmen. What if he died before the trap was triggered? If so, he would hand over the flock unchallenged to the enemy. Eight long years have passed and Benedict is getting weaker and weaker physically and mentally. Why hasn’t he set off his trap now? There is no good or reasonable answer.

Answer 2) It has nothing to do with how long Ratzinger can stay alive. Moreover, we do not know if some surprises will come out at his death , as a safety valve. According to Plan B, Benedict handed over to history and canon law an invalid renunciation that SEPARATED FOREVER THE SUCCESSORY LINES: one papal his, and one antipapal, that of Bergoglio, as two families, two different DNAs. Whether the true Church recovers its seat or should rise again in the catacombs, as prophesied by Ratzinger himself, we still do not know. The munus Petrine, the title of pope conferred by God, it seems, Benedict will take him to his tomb (as late as possible, we wish him) and thus a Catholic Church reorganized perhaps in a clandestine way, as announced by various prophecies, will have to independently elect a new true pope, successor of Benedict , (not of Bergoglio) as in the early days of Christianity. So, his Plan B is built to last through the ages, designed to separate the wheat from the chaff over the long haul with a document that is now set in history, accompanied by its fantastic syntax errors.

Objection 3 ) If Benedict XVI intended to fake his resignation, how could he really expect such a plan to work? Though weak in power, prior to his apparent resignation announcement, he was certainly stronger at the time than he is now, eight years later. That is, he gave his successor eight years to appoint more cardinals – over 50% of the entire college of cardinals, and more bishops and archbishops, etc. Furthermore, Benedict’s allies in key positions in the curia were gradually phased out (e.g., Burke, Mueller, Sarah, etc.). Therefore, Benedict is now in a weaker position of power to launch a counterattack than when he apparently resigned.

Answer 3 ) This is why he inserted the Latin errors in the Declaratio, to keep attention on that document for centuries to come. And his plan IS WORKING, in fact, although with a delay of six years, someone has noticed and others have divulged and developed the discovery, always identifying new clue elements, for example HERE that the interlocutor does not consider in the least. Benedict allowed the antipope to nominate about 80 cardinals who make the next conclave invalid, precisely: a master’s game . If Bergoglio had not named any, paradoxically, the next conclave could be valid. Thinking that 94-year-old Benedetto can also manage the ministerium, that is the practical functions to which he declared he wanted to give up, is only one of the options. When the upper clergy examines the resignation, certifies that it is invalid, and Bergoglio is put out, Benedict could either go back to governing to the end, as John Paul II did, or sign a valid resignation, or appoint a vicar bishop for the ministerium. Plan B will trigger more realistically after his death, (if you really want, it could be the announced departure of the Katechon, the retainer of the Antichrist) when with the election of a new antipope, the modernist Church will take such an acceleration towards the chasm that, necessarily, some Catholics (those interested in remaining so) will have to wake up. The next steps will most likely be the abolition of Transubstantiation and the creation of an international inter-religious conference, or something similar towards universal religion for the new world order that Bergoglio openly hoped for in an interview with La Stampa on March 15. 2021 . And then most likely, given that here the prophecies come true one after the other, a great prelate will arrive , a man of faith, but above all of character and heart.

We recall that St. Bernard of Clairvaux managed to oust the antipope Victor IV who succeeded the antipope Anacleto II in 1138 after eight years of antipope. Hence, nihil sub sole novum.

For now, therefore, in our opinion, the Plan B theory still holds. Next.

Australia: Sydney goes into de facto Martial Law to maintain Scamdemic Lockdown

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is terrifying news, but it also means that the Globalists are no longer confident the masses will obey. Defiance, counter arguments and ridicule must be your weapons. If you see military in the streets near you home, open the window and ridicule them for supporting tyranny. This will reduce their morale, since modern militaries in most nations are populated by young men who think they are being patriotic. When they realize they are not, their conviction for obeying orders will collapse. And that is what we all need to achieve, if we are to be free from the Globalist Dictatorship.

Bergoglio publicly denounced at Rome: July 31, 2021, as a fake pope

Introduction and Translation by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Rome, Italy: July 31, 2021 A. D. — The intense and precise denunciation of Jorge Mario Bergoglio came as unexpectedly according to hour as to place, as from a speaker standing to speak on an entirely different topic: that of the Scamdemic and how it must be opposed.

On the evening of July 31, in the Piazza del Popolo, Italians from all over central Italy gathered to denounce the Sanitary Dictatorship of the political class and protest against the imposition, in a few days time, of the Vaxx Passport.

At one point, there rose to speak Luca Teodori, spokesman of the Movimento 3 V. And his words are so stunning, that I will translate them here into English. Play the video above, to listen to them in the original Italian. The comments are made in reference to Bergoglio’s complete advocacy of the Plandemic and his encouragement to 1.2 Billion Catholics to take the Death Vaxx, 100s of millions of whom will die on this account because of him.


But, first of all, since we are at Rome, allow me to make a comment.

What has happened in these months, in this last year and a half, the complete compliance of Cardinal Bergoglio to a work of evil against humanity (intense applause and cheering) is a disgrace! (whole crowd cheers in approval to the statement)

It is a wound against the Church of Christ; it is a wound against humanity. It is a wound against all the Faithful. (cheers)

To have had a Cardinal — whom I would be ashamed to define as “a pope” — one like this one,  who has served evil: it cannot be that he is the pope.  But not only because, we have Ratzinger still, but because upon this one (Bergoglio) the Holy Spirit could NOT have descended. (cheers and acclamations)

He who is at the service of evil can NOT have the Holy Spirit.  And we say this, at Rome! O. K.! (Entire crowd erupts with applause and cheers)

Bergoglio! Shame on you!

(At this the crowd erupts in unanimous synchronized shouting & clapping:  Shame! Shame! Shame! etc..

The Strange case of Dr. Polinghome or how to use Vaxx deaths at home to eliminate Dissidents

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Just when you thought you were prepared for every lie and trick of the Globalists to cover for their Scamdmic, you run into more information which shows the utter pathological mania to control which grips their adherents.

The latest is this: blaming a Vaxx death on an unVaxxed as a murder scene! by claiming “there is no evidence” that the Vaxx killed your love one! THEREFORE you must be suspected of foul play. And hence, WE have the rights to seize YOUR assets!

As I see it, this is the ultimate narrative play to eliminate the unVaxxed and steal all their assets AND prevent them from inheriting the wealth of the Vaxxed who die. Indeed, it’s the perfect power play.

And lest you think I am making this all up to get clicks, I present here the published reports in New Zealand — Socialist Dictatorship Laboratory for more than 30 years — about the strange case of Dr. Polinghome, who was and is being accused of the murder of his lovely wife, Pauline Hanna, after she dropped dead just days after the second dose of the death-dealing Vaxx.

First, she dies “inexplicably”

And then the Husband is chosen as the goat of expiation for the Vaxx’s work:

Then they name him as a suspect:

And then they attack his character:

And finally,