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A simple woman speaks like a prophetess to the whole world, during her turn to speak on a public forum held by the San Diego County Commission Meeting, in California, USA. — Epoch! Historic!

BigTech Begins to Block emails from FromRome.Info

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For more than an month numerous subscribers to notifications or comments, here at FromRome.Info have complained about not receiving any more emails from FromRome.Info.

This is not because anything FromRome.Info is doing, but rather because numerous servers round the web have begun to block emails from FromRome.Info.

If you use any of the following email services, you MAY find it impossible to receive email from our server:

Subscribe to Comments discontinued

Also I wish to notify all my readers that I have discontinued the option of subscribing to comments, because the software being used there was incapable of preventing fake email address from being inserted. Also certain individuals misused the system to attempt to dominate the discussion here at FromRome.Info and steer it back to adoring the Masonic Leaders of the world who are experts at mass deception. I am sorry for the lack of convenience this presents to faithful readers, but until I find a solution to this security problem, we will have to all rough it.

Prestigious Italian Laboratory confirms Graphene Oxide in the Death Vaxx

English translation of the above news article

In a scientific paper prepared by a prestigious Italian laboratory, it is demonstrated through an authoritative analysis, the finding of graphene in a sample of suspension in water of Comirnaty vaccine against COVID-19 virus of the lot PAA165994.

by Italian Senator Sara Cunial

Graphene is a material formed from carbon atoms arranged horizontally to form a structure one millionth of a millimeter thin. With the flexibility of plastic and the mechanical strength of diamond, for many, graphene is the gold of the future, the key to a new industrial revolution and possibly a “new society.”

But what is this UN-INDICATED substance doing in the Pfizer vaccine? I asked Minister Speranza about it through a question that you can read in full HERE.

Here you can read how the analysis that led to the detection were carried out (analysis of which I have become aware, and that I will not make public to protect the author. However, all sources – including the study – were vetted by the office of the inspection authority prior to publication of the question).

The sample was processed as follows:

  • dilution in sterile saline 0.9 percent (0.45 ml + 1.2 ml);
    fractionation by polarity: 1.2 ml of hexane + 120 ul of RDI sample;
    extraction of the hydrophilic phase;
    extraction and quantification of RNA in the sample;
    electron and optical microscopy of the aqueous phase.

Preliminary analysis, extraction and quantification of RNA in the sample was performed using the Invitrogen™ PureLink™ RNAMini Kit, NanoDrop™ 2000/2000c Spectrophotometer and Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer. The spectrum revealed the presence of a high amount of Rna or substances other than Rna with maximum uptake in the same region, with an estimated total of 747 ng/ul. Reduced graphene oxide (RGO) has absorption maxima at 270 nm, consistent with the spectrum obtained by Thema et al, 2013. Journal of Chemistry ID 150536. The minimal amount of RNA detected by QUBIT2.0 explains only a residual percentage of the total UV absorption of the sample.

Under JEM-2100 Plus Electron Microscope magnification, the same magnified region of the sample shows a sheet-like structure displaying an intricate array of long-range folds. The blades are arranged in lateral dimensions on micrometer length scales ranging from 100 nm to over 1,000 nm and compared to a literature image show a high resemblance to graphene images.

Australia: In Melbourne the people have realized that they are more powerful

Italy: Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge hails the DeathVaxx Passport

English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this brief but revealing report on Italian TV channel, Casa SoleTV, reports that the Grand Master Stefano Bisi of the Grand Orient of Italia, here at Rome, has welcomed the DeathVaxx Passport obligation.

The Lodges will require the Passport, Mask and temperature measurement for all entering their lodges.

Luciano Romali, the Sovereign Gran Master of the Grand Lodge of Italia declared that the DeathVaxx is the “only way way to leave behind” the Covid threat.

Italian Freemasons have always pushed vaccines. Luigi Sacco, who in the 19th century convinced many Catholic clergy to preach vaccines, an effort which let to the vaccination of 130 thousand in northern Italia.

The Masonic doctrine of vaccination was stated explicitly in the novel by Simon Walter, who wrote, “Vaccination is the medical sacrament which corresponds to Baptism”.

If you wish to know why Bergoglio is 100% behind the Death Vaxx, as a “act of love”, then it is sufficient to know that, according to the Vatican official charged with security in Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a freemason, as FromRome. Info has previously reported, citing the video testimony of a noted Argentine journalist on national television.

The Roman Pontiffs have every condemned Freemasonry. The Holy Inquisition was the first organization to ever investigated them, way back in the 1730’s.  To be a member of the Lodge is an act of apostasy, which merits automatic excommunication as per canon 1324, since it is a consummate treachery against the obligations of Baptism. For a brief history, see here and here.

FromRome.Info has published numerous articles on the topic of Freemasonry which can be found by using the search engine on this site, found at the top of the page, and searching for the words Freemason or Freemasonry, or Masonic or Mason.

Slovenia: Massive Protests against DeathVaxx Passport Phase 2

by FromRome.Info’s Correspondent in Slovenia

The Slovenian govt has mandated the latest covid nonsense last Saturday night, which was then implemented this Wednesday morning (as discussed in your article).
A huge crowd of peaceful protesters from all over Slovenia gathered in the capital of Ljubljana, in front of the Slovenian parliament, at about 6pm on Wednesday night, to object the draconian covid rules. There were about 30K people in the main square as well as all the surrounding streets (the main stream media as usual lied by saying there were about 8K people).
It was great to finally see such a great turn out of freedom-loving people (I was there). The feeling was really powerful. It was a peaceful protest. I left at about 8.30pm, when a handful of hooligans (it is suspected they were hired and paid by the govt to start a provocation) started to throw pyrotechnic material at the police in front of the parliament. The police soon responded with extremely high number of tear gas cans, water cannon, rubber bullets to disperse the public. All these were fired at the peaceful crowd, which included young kids as well.
The Slovenian govt is so far not backing down from their latest draconian rules, which are still in place as of today.
The petrol stations gave up checking the covid passes by about midday on Wednesday (after only 4 hours since the implementation of the draconian rules), as many people in several Slovenian cities blocked the petrol pumps. Some people left their cars at the pumps and walked off, as they were unable to fill the tanks. The pumps were actually locked and unless you showed the covid pass to some purposefully hired student or security minion at the station, the pumps remained locked and you could not fill up the car.
Below are the links from the Wednesday protest. The recordings are published by one of the main stream media, which described the protest as extremely violent and showed the footage mainly from 20.30pm onward.

11° Commemorazione del sacrificio eroico del Capit. Alessandro Romani

di Frà Alexis Bugnolo

Oggi si commemora il 11° Anniversario del sacrificio eroico del Capitano Alessandro Romani, il 17 Settembre 2010 al Fara, Afghanistan in battaglia con i terroristi islamici.

Il Capitano apparteneva al 9° Reggimento “Col Moschin” dei paracadutisti. Lui è morto il giorno del calendario sacrosanto ai noi Francescani, la Festa delle Sacre Stimmate di San Francesco d’Assisi, l’Eraldo del gran Re, Gesù Cristo.

Sono stato onorato di essere invitato a partecipare all’evento privato dell’Associazione Incursori del Esercito che con i genitori di Capitano Romani sono venuti al Cimitero Monumentale del Verano qui a Roma per onorare il suo sepolcro. Ho scattato queste foto questa mattinata:

Per il suo eroismo, il Capitano Romani fu concesso il più alto onore della Repubblica Italiana, il Medaglia d’Oro di Valore al Esercito in memoria.

Dal Wikipedia, capiamo il motivo per il merito conferito:

Incursore e soccorritore militare, interveniva, con la sua unità, nel tentativo di catturare degli insorti intenti a posizionare un ordigno esplosivo sul ciglio di una strada. Dimostrando spiccato coraggio e somma perizia, nel corso dell’azione esponeva scientemente la propria vita a manifesto rischio per contrastare la reazione ostile. Gravemente ferito, negli ultimi istanti di vita anteponeva il dovere alla propria incolumità, preoccupandosi del buon esito della missione e delle condizioni di salute dei suoi uomini. Splendida figura di ufficiale che, con il proprio estremo sacrificio, ha dato lustro all’Esercito nel contesto internazionale. Farah (Afghanistan), 17 settembre 2010 »
— (Farah (Afghanistan), 17 settembre 2010)[3]

Si può leggere la sua biografia al Wikipedia, cliccando qui.

La mia preghiera come frate, per il Capitano è questo:

O Dio Eterno e Onnipotente,
che ha scelto in eternità di nominare Te stesso in tempo “il Dio Sabbaoth”, cioè,
“il Dio degli Eserciti”,
e che ha mandato il Tuo Divin’ Figlio
ad insegnarci che non esiste
una carità maggiore di colui che mette al rischio la sua vita propria per gli amici,
conceda a Alessandro i benefici
della Tua Sovrana Benevolenza,
affinché la sua anima riposi nella Tua pace
e goda la infinità bontà della Luce del Tuo Volto. Amen.