How to Canonically solve the problem of 2 Popes

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Catholics have been lulled into accepting the revolution, which drove Benedict XVI from power and installed the globalist pseudo-savant from Argentina in the Vatican, by many specious arguments.

Chief of which is that promoted by Cardinal Raymond Burke, that, namely, there is no canonical procedure to address an invalid or contested papal resignation.

However, thanks to the genius of Pope Benedict XVI, a canonical way to restore him to the Apostolic Governance of the Church of Rome is available.  And it is provided for in the 1983 Code of Canon Law promulgated by his predecessor, John Paul II, which he himself, when still a Cardinal of the Roman Church, advised upon.

This solution enshrines the example of the Synod of Sutri (See here, here, here and here), which in 1046 met at Sutri, in the Metropolitan Province of Rome to discern which of the three papal claimants was legitimate or not. It found that none were, and deposed all three.

As Andrea Cionci has established with the input of the leading canonical scholars who are collaborating with him, Pope Benedict XVI did what he did on Feb. 11, 2013 to give notice to the whole Church that the Apostolic See was impeded by a conspiracy of Cardinals who were preventing him from governing the Church of Rome and the universal Church, as Christ’s Vicar on Earth.

This conspiracy to obstruct his apostolic mission was impeding the Apostolic See. And in the case of an impeded see there are specific canons which govern what can be done and what is to be done.

Now in the case of an impeded see which is subsequently usurped by an invalid uncanonical election, there does exist in the Code of Canon Law a solution and a remedy, contrary to what Cardinal Burke has publicly declared.

Let’s examine it closely.

First, the dispute as to whether or not Pope Benedict XVI’s renunciation of ministry effects his loss of munus cannot be resolved by private judgment or opinion. The solution must be based on canonical norms and principles, read authentically according to the mind of the Church as expressed in Canon 17.

That canonical argument has been made already.

But the argument is distinct from the canonical judgement which would canonically oblige all Bishops everywhere to accept Benedict and not Bergoglio the Pope.

Here we are face to face with two realities. The truth, and the judgement of the truth in a forensic forum.  A judge does not make a man a murderer, but a murdered when apprended and judged as such, is publicly known in a forensic manner to be a murderer.

A forensic judgement does not make a thing true or false, but it does proclaim in an authoritative manner what that truth or falsity is.

This is why, in addition to there being only one sound canonical determination of the truth that Benedict XVI is the pope, there also needs to be a forensic judgment of that.

Such a judgement is under the competence of the Provincial Council of the Roman Ecclesiastical Province.  This province is the territory which comprises the Diocese or Rome and the suburbican Bishoprics which over time were separted from it and which still are included under Apostolic right, inasmuch as they are ruled by Cardinal Bishops who are reckoned members of the Roman Curia.

I speak of the Dioceses of Ostia, Velletri-Segni, Porto-Santa Rufina, Frascati, Palestrina, Albano, and Sabina-Poggio Mirtelo.

The metropolitan see is the Apostolic See, in this case, since it is the chief see in the Roman Province.

A provincial council is described in canons 440-446.  And how Cardinal Burke does not know of this is beyond me.

Canon 440 § 1 specifies that a provincial council can be called anytime there arises a need which the Bishops of the Province deem suitable.  This is an extremely liberal grant of discretion.  Certainly doubt as to whom is the true Pope is sufficient need.

Now in Canon 440 §2, it is said that in a sede vacante in the Metropolitan See, a provincial synod is not to be called, yet in canon 442 §2, it says, that when that See is impeded, the Bishops of the province can elect one of themselves and preside over such a Council.  This implies that a provincial council can be called when the Metropolitan See is impeded. Which is the exact case in law.

Accordingly in accord with canon 442 §2, the elected suffragan can determine the time and place of such a Council and the questions to be discussed, the length of the discussion and whether to move it from one place to another as may seem opportune or necessary. He can also dissolve it or extend its sessions.

Now in accord with Canon 443, §1, all the Bishops, Bishop co-adjutors and auxiliaries must be convoked, if a Provincial Council is called. Also all other Bishops who hold a munus in the province. Bishops emeriti can also be called, as well as all other Bishops incardinated in the Province. This includes all the Bishops and Archbishops incardinated at the Vatican, such as Archbishop Viganò, and all the Cardinals of the Roman Church.

In addition all the major superiors of religious communities in the Province must be invited, as well as all Rectors of Pontifical institutes in the Province, and all Rectors of Major Seminaries. Vicar generals and Episcopal Vicars must also be called.

All these have the right to vote.

In addition, all the clergy and laity of the province can be called, but they do not get but a consultative voice, but no more than half the number of those who must be invited who can vote. In addition two members of each priestly diocesan council of each dicese in the province and of each Cathedral Chapter are to be invited with consultative voice.

Finally, others can also be invited by the presiding Bishop with the consent of the other bishops of the province who are ordinaries.

The power of the Provincial Council of the Roman Province is affirmed in canon 445, which says it can act “to defend common ecclesiastical discipline”, and surely, who is the true Pope is the keystone to all ecclesiastical discipline in the Province.

In the case of two rival popes, I would gather that not only the Bishops and clergy and superiors which an antipope appointed but also those which the true pope appointed, even though they were thrust from their sees could attend.  And clearly those appointed by the true Pope do not need permission from those appointed by the Antipope.

Thus, with such Council called, a synod like that of Sutri in 1046 can resolve canonically who is the true Metropolitan of the Roman Province and order deposed the one who has not a shred of canonical right to call himself the Pope.


What is the punishment for Crimes against Humanity?

We must remember that criminals are punished by courts not mobs, so that every memory and admiration thereafter of their person and name might be utterly obliterated from the courteous consideration of mankind. Videos like this are expressions, however, of popular discontent, which is rising, and which the leaders of the world alone can peacefully quell, by giving up on the Great Reset.

No Mercy, only Globalism at the Vatican

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Ever since 1953, the U.S. Government has been engaged in doctrinal warfare against the Catholic Church, with the goal of making the Catholic Faith look primitive, cruel, the source of perversion and immorality, while making America appear to be enlightened, civilize, human, and humane.

As an agent of Globalism, Bergoglio was installed in the Vatican, after the 2013 putsch which cast aside Pope Benedict XVI. Though he collaborated closely with the CIA supported Fascist government in Argentina, even to the point of denouncing his own fellow Jesuits — who were tortured months on end as a result — he how plays the Marxist Sanitary Tyrant at the Vatican to increase as much as possible the hatred and disdain of the Catholic Faith everywhere, but especially among the rank and file.

The latest antic of demanding everyone DeathVaxxed at the Vatican and allowing no one inside the City State without the DeathVaxx passport is an eminent example of this program of doctrinal warfare. The Vatican must, as requested by the CIA be purged of everyone who has a Catholic conscience, so that the forces of the Antichrist can gain control of this tiny jurisdiction to convert its use from that of advancing the cause of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, to that of the ape of apes, the Antichrist.

The truth alone can save the Catholic Church, and in particular the truth that Benedict XVI never renounced the papacy, but only resigned the ministry is the saving truth here. All Catholic talking heads who refuse that must be presumed to be part of the doctrinal warfare program of the U.S. Government against the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth.

President of Italy: The DeathVaxx program needs to be extended to the work place

Sergio Mattarella: “In this delicate moment, the extension of the vaccination campaign and the use of means of protection of the health of citizens, starting from the workplace, limits the risks of contagion, allowing, thanks to responsible behavior, an extensive and constant restart of economic and social activities.”

You have to admit, that they are obsessed with you getting vaxxed. Perhaps because only the survivors will be able to bring them to justice.

Fabrizio Filipponi: Un’iniziativa concreta a sostengo dell’Unico Vero Papa


di Fabrizio Filipponi

Il Piccolo Gregge Cattolico del Pretuzio offre un punto di riferimento a quanti rigettano il nuovo  corso ecclesiale Bergoglian-modernista o a quanti sono confusi dall’evidente sbandamento della  gerarchia vaticana. 

Iniziative concrete caratterizzano l’appassionata attività del Piccolo Gregge Cattolico a  sostegno dell’unico vero papa regnante: Benedetto XVI e alla promozione di Radio Domina Nostra  del granitico e due volte teologo don Minutella da Palermo. 

Il Piccolo Gregge Cattolico si propone per promuovere le proprie iniziative mirate ad aggregare  persone per sostenere e incoraggiare il vero unico papa regnante: Benedetto XVI. Questo piccolissimo gruppo di fedeli, a partire dal territorio del Pretuzio, ha fatto affiggere  manifesti nelle bacheche comunali di alcuni paesi del teramano e dell’ascolano, ha realizzato e  diffuso due video ed ha attuato una campagna di invio e-mail per far conoscere il popolo fedele al  “Papa tedesco” che non è più sparuto ed è presente in tutto il mondo.

Lo scopo più importante è, forse, offrire un riferimento, dice il portavoce del progetto, per  attrarre quei fedeli che rigettano tutti i cambiamenti idolatri, eretici e apostati del nuovo corso  Bergogliano o semplicemente cercano di approfondire le cause dello sbandamento della gerarchia  ecclesiastica ormai così sfacciatamente manifesto.

Il Piccolo Gregge Cattolico promuove, sostiene ed incoraggia Radio Domina Nostra, fondata e  diretta dal sacerdote e teologo don Alessandro Maria Minutella, al quale si deve riconoscere il merito  di essere stato il primo a gridare al mondo che Benedetto XVI non si è mai dimesso!

Come papa Ratzinger, il teologo condottiero del Piccolo Resto Cattolico internazionale,  promuove in modo appassionato e sistematico la devozione mariana: sarà il Cuore Immacolato di  Maria ad accogliere i fedeli nei tempi finali – decisamente vicini -.

Si allegano 2 foto relative a Garrufo di Sant’Omero (TE) e a Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (TE), più due  immagini di un giornale cartaceo.