The 5G Apocalypse

When you have watched this video, you will at last understand why on all social media platforms controlled by Big Tech, the discussion of 5G merits an immediate ban. That is not a coincidence….

FromRome.Info publishes this to start a dialogue on what is really going on in the Masonic controlled section of the world. This decision in no way endorses as true or even credible its contents. But it opens up a line of investigation which should not be ignored, on account of the recent revelations of satanic child abuse in Chicago and Pennsylvania by Catholic priests.

This video contains a lot of false information and seems to be created to blame child sacrifice on Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church, even though the evidence which is credible is all about Globalists. It’s a very clever disinformation piece.

It is obviously false and calumnious in charging Joseph Ratzinger as a chaplain in German Prison Camp for Nazis, because he was not ordained a priest at the time. Nor was he ever member of the SS because he was only a teenager during the war.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

21 thoughts on “The 5G Apocalypse”

  1. Please offer a transcript of this video as many people that love your topics just do not have the time with busy schedules to listen or watch something more than 15 minutes. Printing out the transcript allows one to read over a period of a day or two the information.
    God bless you and your work!

    1. Yes please, can anyone instruct us how to change settings on our mobiles so as to be less exposed to 5g? I have a 5g wifi but I have been told It is not the same thing as the 5G Network. In any case is there a way to operate my Android NOT on 5 G? Many thank God bless.

      1. If your phone is 4G or 3G it does not transmit or receive 5G. As for 5G, to measure it you need a special device, and to avoid it, find a map of 5G coverage and move out of the coverage area.

      2. @Tom. 5G in this context means fifth-generation mobile/cellular telephone system. In the context of your router, 5G is actually 5 GHz (gigahertz), which is the router’s operatiing frequency.

        @John Laws. I don’t have time to watch the whole film. What do you mean by reducing your profile on the network?

    2. I have just switched to “prefer 3G” networks on my device preferences. Is this enough? On the available options there appeared 2G, 3G and 4G. Still not 5G.

  2. The 3-letter agencies (FCC, CDC, WHO) never sleep in advancing their extermination agenda. When asked about the safety of 5G, one 5G industry spokesman testifying before Congress said, “We also rely on what the scientists tell us.” (25:36). Where have I heard that before?

    What I did not know is that LED bulbs somehow will tie into the 5G network. I have LED bulbs throughout my house. And my town just installed LED bulbs in the streetlights on my street. It’s so bright at night, I can’t even look at the streetlight without hurting my eyes. It also bothers my neighbor. No one asked us if we wanted them. They just appeared one day.

  3. @Tom

    For Android phone, go to:

    Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network mode

    and select one of the options other than LTE.

    Note: LTE is a transition technology with some functionality of 5G, but not all. It implements a gradual transition to the full 5G standard.

    1. Thank you John !
      Isn’t It better to keep the setting as I have It now (3G networks preferred”)? I have no knowledge of this, but isn’t 3G better than LTE (which if I understand you correctly is a similar to 5G)?
      Thanks in advance, and sorry if the question is confused….

    2. John, now I read your post correctly, you were probably saying the same as I was: any setting Other than LTE….. Understood !! Thanks

  4. A deep shame that this video was made by an enormous new age pagan: Sacha Stone. e’s linked to various new age paganism organizations, which in turn are linked with the new age pagan agenda of the United Nations… one of them the Academy for Divine Knowledge… you’ll be surprised about the doctors behind the C19 fraud which are linked with this pagan/occult academy…try do a research
    Sacha created the Humanitad Foundation and the NewEarth Project, bot new age paganism organizations!!!

    1. Sometimes pagans, not being part of ideological institutions, see things easier than “Christians” who have lost their way adoring such institutions.

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