16 thoughts on “USA: Military is killing its personnel in droves with the DeathVaxx”

  1. That’s one of the few things about this whole thing that utterly baffles me: if they want to enslave the population and force the unvaxxed into camps and take over the whole country… why kill their own troops??

    Makes no sense to me.

      1. The Chinese own OUR LEADERSHIP, specifically the Demonrats, but the do-nothing cowardly Repukelicans are passively complicit. Only God can save our butts now.

      2. I was just going to say that myself, with our military skeletonized from the vax and populated with trannies and degenerates, the west will be easy pickins for the Chinese

    1. I suspect that the plan involves destroying the USA as we know it, so that it would no longer be able challenge “their” plans for world hegemony. Wikipedia (yes, I know!) says that the USA has 1.346 million people in active military service. It’ll need far fewer than that to control what’s left of an unruly population — and can always call in the UN for “peacekeeping” duties. Perhaps China would volunteer a few troops, for example.

    2. Because the plan is too bring in the Chinese and Ghana/Somali UN Troops who will gladly shoot American Civilians.

      We wouldn’t want any American Military Patriots to turn their weapons on the Tyrants in command?

    3. They want to kill you, they are using the camps to threaten you into taking the vaccine or will give it to you there. You are already enslaved – now they are killing us.

  2. Br. Thank you for your continuing information from so many true sources. You are a true Man of God whose purpose is to find the light in every corner and save as many souls from darkness as possible. Every light of truth no matter in what area of life reflects Jesus. Thank you.

  3. Very shocking to know what these monsters are doing to soldiers, young people who give their lives to fight in wars, created by scum. May be it is time to go rogue. George Orwell aka Eric Blair, his generation really grew to distrust older men in particular, for making them the sacrificial lambs. Even the sons from affluent and landed gentry were lost in the killing machine called war, WW1. These were from the upper classes who were the true patriots of Britain, but there is a snake in Britain and they determined to eradicate the old social order in Britain and elsewhere, as they are doing today everywhere. No I am not saying that it was idyllic but at least that class of people on the whole, were not so ruthless or bloody minded. Or at least I don’t think they were, they wouldn’t have got much out of the British population, most of owned nothing and were servants or serfs. Might be worth looking up Strawman. You will find nothing has changed, we still own nothing.

  4. The “Hidden Hand” rules all the murderers in America and the world. See the hidden hands of US Generals and US Presidents http://www.zephaniah.eu/index_htm_files/Six%20Hidden%20Hands%20Former%20Presidents%20Perform%20a%20Dark%20Occult%20Ritual.pdf

    Biblical Proof of a Hidden Hand and a Dark Plan http://www.zephaniah.eu/index_htm_files/Biblical%20Proof%20of%20a%20Hidden%20Hand%20and%20a%20Dark%20Plan.pdf

    Trump spearheaded the Covid Communism Tyranny because he is the highest paid actor on the planet. He is the 8th most evil man according to this list of Top 10 Most Evil People in 2020 https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Articles/tabid/109/ID/4101/The-Top-Ten-Most-Evil-People-In-2020.aspx

    Trump’s highest role is acting as the modern Communist King Cyrus https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Portals/1/Content/Files/audio/Changing-the-Narrative-Ep-8-Chuck-Baldwin.mp3

    Trump serves the same masters of Francis-the-Judas-Pope and Judas Iscariot https://christiansfortruth.com/to-please-the-jews-and-deny-jesus-christ-pope-francis-restricts-latin-mass/ and https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Links/NewsLinks.aspx?Category=Zionism and https://fitzinfo.net/jq/

    Francis-the-Judas-Pope is part of the Covid Communism Tyranny http://www.zephaniah.eu/index_htm_files/Judas%20and%20the%20Coming%20One%20World%20Religion.pdf

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