USA: National Chains have begun to refuse shipments of Retail Products

It appears to be a deliberate conspiracy to cause massive price increases and retail panic.

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6 thoughts on “USA: National Chains have begun to refuse shipments of Retail Products”

  1. There is much talk here in the UK of “canceling Christmas” because of “supply chain” difficulties due to 1) Brexit, 2) shortage of licensed UK heavy vehicle drivers to supply retail stores. Actually, this clumsy exercise in demoralisation could be spiritually good for the populace not to buy a lot of useless gifts.
    However due to climate change (due not to man, but to the approaching Eddy minimum: caused by low sunspot cycles until 2050 or so– dress warm! ) crops are failing around the globe and the famine will not be entirely artificial.

    This morning I heard on the radio I’ve heard of a new mutation of Covid, “unaffected by vaccines” which portends another lockdown approximately– wait for it. . . Christmas!

  2. Solar panels yes, very important, I’m still hoping to have time to get a whole house generator for up north. And now is the time to make sure the water well is working properly, chimneys are clear, septic tank empty, roof in good shape. The time to take care of all this is not when/if the grid goes down. We are dealing with psychotic dementeds, anything is possible. A lot of our officials are either partially or fully possessed. We’re out of time to be polite about it.

    1. You’d be better off deep retrofitting as in highly insulating your house up north in order to reduce energy demand.
      Do you happen to have trees for firewood and do you already have a wood burning stove that provides space heating, heats water and that you can cook on?
      Solar panels provide only intermittent energy and are classed as a high fire risk. And lithium ion battery energy storage is also high fire and an explosive risk and has an extremely high carbon footprint. Avoid renewable energy junk if you can.
      Do you have a stream or river on your property that could supply hydroelectric power?
      What about geothermal?
      Have a look at perhaps a combined heat and power generation system such as wood chips….even perhaps a good diesel/dual fuel generator.
      If you opt for a deep retrofit your energy demand is likely to be drastically reduced…. the rule of thumb is reduce energy demand to a minimum and then you automatically reduce the scale of energy generating capacity required.

      1. The way the system currently runs is hybrid propane and electricity. My goal is to back those both up. The main house has a large wood burning fireplace for heat as well. Need a new roof, any advice about best for insulation? Asphalt shingles on there now, metal roof on the wood shed, shingles on the tool shed/cabin, and tractor shed I have no idea what’s going on over there.

  3. Deep retrofit, dunno what that means, house is a log cabin, high end, custom built by my father in 1995, building homes was his passion. The place is rock solid, well insulated. Monthly electric bill about $20. Chopped wood, he left a lot of it behind, and I have 8 acres of densely wooded property. He did get mad at me before he died, when I asked him to clean out his tool bench, threw away his FL chain saw, I hope there’s another one up there.

  4. Tool shed, actually it’s like a small cabin, separate building, has a pot belly stove. It runs on chopped wood, chips. Don’t know if there’s a wood chipper there, if not I’ll buy one. Will help with cooking and so forth if everything hits the fan. The building is plenty big enough to put furniture in there for sleeping and so forth. Had a battle with the insurance folks 10 years ago they wanted me to take out the pot belly stove. I saw this coming said no way cancelled the policy. Thank you so much about solar info, I will definitely cross it off to do list!! Yes there is a river at the bottom of the mountain, the house is up on the ridge. It’s great for fishing, fresh water, not good as a power source since it’s so far. By the way Catholic homeowners assn president is retired US department of agriculture/interior something like that, he has been a good resource.

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