Mario Draghi affirms that his Government will seek Vaxx obligation for all & for 3rd dose

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a move which surprises no one, but those who do not read FromRome.Info, Mario Draghi, the Italian Prime Minister (Official Title: President of the Council of Ministers) affirmed explicitly today that his government will seek to make the DeathVaxx obligatory and to require a 3rd dose for a valid DeathVaxx Passport.

FromRome.Info reported on this back in May, in our article, “Civil War in Italy, as Dictatorship declares Vaxx obligatory for all“.  While our report has been attacked as Fake News, it was 100% accurate, as today’s news proves.

FromRome.Info also reported on the fake opposition organizing protests in Italy. The purpose of these is now revealed. Draghi announced that his government would move forward because of the Flop of these protests.

This news followed the decision announced last night to make the DeathVaxx passport obligatory for all regular commercial transport of passengers in Italy or in Italian waters.  This is obviously to prevent any political opposition from moving around the country, unless they have their own private planes or boats.

The intention to make the DeathVaxx obligatory for all residents, however, will certainly increase to a whole new level the dissent and opposition to the Government. There is no way in Italian law to make a medical treatment obligatory, without a change in the Constitution, which the electorate would never approve. So, I predict that if this is the intention of the government, that they will resort to Martial Law, and to justify this, that they will begin to have their secret services begin to execute false flag attacks around the country: such as burning down Vaxx Centers, destroying Vaxx warehouses, assaulting proVaxx politicians, blocking hospitals, and perhaps resort to the terrorist campaigns of the 60’s and 80’s, when CIA/Italian Gladio Assents threw bombs into supermarkets and placed them on commuter trains to make the voters fear the “Red Threat”.

In Italy, it is a felony to insult the President, make a fist, or hold a political assembly bearing arms. It is even a crime of sedition, if you meet with more than 8 other persons at a time, and discuss opposing the Government’s laws.

Pray for Italy. Much Darker days will follow, for sure.

USA: Denver Airport built in shape of Swastika with Demonic / Masonic Art

“So the prevailing theories are that the airport is either set up as a concentration camp of sorts to eliminate the less desirable humans, creating a smaller community of the elite, controlled by one world government, The New World Order…. or that the airport is set up to house and protect the world elite after some sort of catastrophe (perhaps caused by the New World Order)” — says report

The Exposé of the Child Sacrifice Cult of the World Elites

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This video is presented here for discussion. It should be noted that it is obviously a clever disinformation attempt to pin a satanic child sacrifice cult upon the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI, even though the only credible allegations in the video refer to Globalists.

The charges it makes against Pope Benedict are as follows:

  1. That he was a chaplain for a German Prisoner of War camp after the War.  This is impossible, since he was not even a priest at the time such camps were in existence.
  2. That he was a member o a SS unit. This is impossible since he was a teenager at the time.
  3. That he was present at a child sacrifice ceremony in 1987 and personally killed 2 babies. Since he was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the time, it can scarcely be believed that he hat the time to travel to the city alleged for such a ceremony.

All personal testimony by those who know Pope Benedict XVI concur that he is a most mild, gentle man and does not have a violent streak in him. To make a video which rails more against Benedict than against Epstein appears to my judgement to be evidence that this video was made by the Deep State to deflect attention away from their participation in child trafficking.

While it cannot be denied that a good number of Catholic clergy have been so depraved as to rape children and some to do so in Satanic rituals, Pope Benedict, while a Cardinal, was very severe against such deviants and as pope dismissed more of them from the priesthood than any Pope before him.

It can only be concluded therefore that the authors of the above video are actually supporters of Child Sacrifice and Pedophilia, because no one in their right mind would attack their number one enemy at the Vatican.

Finally, while there are many authentic victims of these sins, that does not mean that anyone who makes a claim of abuse is to be believed without corroborating evidence. The standard first principle in such an investigation is to demonstrate where the accused was on the day of the alleged crime. When they were hundreds of miles away, for example, it is clear the person alleging to be  a victim is for some reason presenting false evidence or has had their memory altered. In fact, the Deep State has studied for decades how to imprint false memories. So we must be careful in such matters not to let the sensationalism of such charges to prevent sober, rational analysis of the claims.