3 thoughts on “David Martin on the NWO Dictatorship in full throttle in Australia”

  1. The problem here is that The Australian Constitution has been ignored. Sadly some leaders may have thought they were doing the right thing but did not realize that they have made their own problems.Many are trying to now get back the freedoms.The Tech companies have been used to aid and abet leaders who have become addicted to daily meetings to advise the masses!With regard to Melbourne,they did sign the belt and road agreement. The Chinese are hard workers and perhaps the leaders thought there would be no threat. However,perhaps they were too trusting in wanting a win win situation. for all.

  2. My latest estimate Garabandal Warning October 2 2027 Miracle April 13 2028. Mind you estimating these dates is a joke, I’ve been wrong a million times. However, I’m fairly certain based on all the recent locutions we probably have about ten more years of this zhitzhow. Surely some man somewhere will have enough balz left to Do Something.

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