The Vaccine Cover-up: The True Number of Vaccine Deaths and Victims
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5 thoughts on “The Vaccine Cover-up: The True Number of Vaccine Deaths and Victims”

  1. Thought you would like to see this article where the author disproves all the current incorrect Covid/Vax talking points of government and asks why Churches are so silent and why aren’t they helping support their parishioners in their fights against school boards,employers and government agencies taking away the rights of their people!

  2. Brother, your site has become such a comfort for me, a light in the darkness and I thank you. I am energized to continue to fast and pray and daily communion for reparation for sin and conversion of sinners and for the whole world to love and serve Jesus.

  3. Best and only real friend left in FL just texted. He took the vaxx few months ago. Today he is going to doc. He is symptomatic. Sounds serious. Please pray for him. His name is Art.

    1. To Joan,
      Some anecdotal reports from people who have been jabbed say Ivermectin helps with the symptoms…perhaps your friend can take it. is an online source to get IVMectin as the Front Line Doctors website is overwhelmed.
      Will pray for him.


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