5 thoughts on “Project Veritas HQ destroyed by Flooding”

  1. The cheerful guy talking obviously has no experience with flooding. Unfortunately I do. It’s a total loss if they don’t get mold mitigation experts in there immediately, it may already be too late. Mold/flooding experts are not cheap. As a not for profit I don’t see how they survive this. The best they can probably hope for is to salvage the software.

    1. everything on sites these days is remotely hosted or backed up. The physical building and equipment you are correct is a loss, burn it all, probably have to tear the building down to the frame. Never, ever buy near a river, lake, stream, retention pond, etc. A slow moving hurricane can park overhead for two days dumping tons of water

  2. As a person fled a moldy house that was contaminated after a botched remediation spread mold throughout the house, I would never try to rebuild at that location. They need to call it a loss and move elsewhere. I would discard everything except non-porous items made of metal, ceramic, or hard plastic. Otherwise their health and even their lives will be at risk working in that building due to mold spores.

  3. Prayers for him. Elizabeth, NJ was heavily flooded but any prolifer knows that a notorious mill the sight of many prayer vigils is also located there.

    The German floods could have been in response to God´s anger over German and Belgium Episcopate and flirting with Gay marriage.



    There might be a ring of truth to this unfortunately:

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