Terrorist Attack in Supermarket in New Zeeland

FromRome.Info predicted this yesterday….here.

Here is a report in French, about the same:

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2 thoughts on “Terrorist Attack in Supermarket in New Zeeland”

  1. Yes, he was an ISIS sympathizer and known to the police for planning a terrorist attack. He had been arrested before and released even though his computer was full of evidence that he was planning an attack. Apparently he couldn’t be held unless he actually committed the crime. He was charged on a lesser crime of possessing dangerous weapons, did a short sentence and let go.. NOW they are changing the law. Problem-reaction-solution. This is how they get to change the law and now can arrest and imprison people on the basis that they may commit a crime in the future. (Pre crime as in the 2002 Tom Cruise movie ‘Minority Report’, which seemed like fiction at the time and is now coming true.)
    After the Christchurch mosque shooting, they came for the guns. Problem-reaction-solution again.
    Also, the PM tells us it is about an individual and has NOTHING to do with his beliefs, religion, ethnicity, race, country of origin etc. (Funny, the opposite was true after the Christchurch mosque shooting, it was all about his country of birth, ethnicity, religion etc in the MSM.)

  2. Gregory, you need to get rid of your government. It’s not what New Zealand used to be or should be. The country is dying fast, especially with the insane elimination strategy and every Level 4 lockdown.

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