Vatican II was called for by the CIA and Rockefeller

From the Book, “The Truth about Rockefeller, Public Enemy #1, 1964, Chedney Press, NYC, USA

Here is a close up…


All the actors named in the above book are Skull and Bones Lodge Members.

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5 thoughts on “Vatican II was called for by the CIA and Rockefeller”

  1. Not a surprise since Satan was granted 100 years to try to take down the Church. Have you figured out how to get out of there yet?? This is all a walk in the park compared to what’s coming. Enemy invasions, exploding volcanoes, famine, real famine, not the current relatively minor inconveniences.

  2. The connection with with Free Masonry appears remarkable. But also in some sense obvious and to be expected. In fact, by far, the most important feature and primary goal of the 2nd Vatican Council (2VC) was ecumenism. Particularly toward Rabbinic Hebraism. This kind of appeasement has no logical explanation. Rabbinic Hebraism in fact is plagued by obvious rational inconsistencies, being based on the Talmud (the Talmud is a collection of rationally inconsistent theses in contraduction even with the Torah).
    Ecumenism was probably pushed by John XXIII himself, coherent with his dream of Church modernization (and modernism).

  3. John Foster Dulles had a son, Avery, and even though the family were wealthy, influential WASP types, Avery converted to Catholicism and became a Jesuit priest as an adult. He was made a cardinal in 2001. I don’t know if he was a traditional priest or a modernist, but the connection to the Dulles family is interesting.

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