What is the National Bolshevik Movement, and why you should be concerned?

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3 thoughts on “What is the National Bolshevik Movement, and why you should be concerned?”

  1. Epoch Times, the sponsor of this reporter, is a known CIA front. As such, it’s a mouthpiece of the Anglo-American Establishment, a treasonous oligarchy.

    Here’s the institution that churns out these talking dolls:

    A good overview of the game they play is here:

  2. Very solid introduction to National socialist Bolshevism. Another Red Brigade for the hybrid warfare of the Permanent, world-wide Revolution against the post Christian West. Dugin has been interviewed by several alt right conservatives here in Australia – from memory Dia Beltran. At present key groups that identify with the ‘First in Time, First in Right’ principles of indigenous law / enviro-communism (UN 17 SDG) are to the fore in the protests against the CoVid Communist Regime that has taken power in Australia. The Han CCP (controlled by its Kai-Feng J-Pex) is big on this one and that is why they have ruthlessly censored access to information on the oldest gravesites in Xi-an , namely the Taurim Basin sites of what clearly were a White civilization.

  3. Loudin just gives some truth but is really just shilling for the bad guys CIA/MOSSAD. I agree with the first comment but he forget to mention Zionism. Replace “its the Nazeees” nonsense with “its the Zionists”. That is the JudeoMasonic/Anglo/Zio military industrial complex. Dugin is likely a crypto J$w – he is pro Israel (ie the Soviet satellite state founded by the Rothschild banking cabal. They’re all in cahoots together playing fake opposition.

    Duginism gets promoted a lot a the only answer in the alt lite right.

    Dr Anca Cernea on Russian satanist Aleksandr Dugin (destroy the Catholic Church) –Romanian Catholic

    Dr. Anca Cernea – Cultural Marxism: A Threat to The Family. Full speech with Q&A (exposes Putin using the classic Hegellian dialectic deceptions)

    Catholics Made Unwelcome in Orthodox Russia (2002)



    What is Duginism and why it matters

    – Dugin and Zbigniew Brzezinski: https://libya360.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/brzinskydugin.jpg
    – Richard Spencer and Laura Bush: http://www.renegadetribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/richard-spencer-laura-bush-e1493903075581.jpg

    Bolshevik Nationalism and anti Catholicism



    “Those two powers, the chief two in the world today, are Communism and Zionism. That both movements are avowedly anti-Christian, and that both are in origin and direction Jewish, is a matter of record. (September 1958)” – Fr Leonard Feeney

    30% of Palestinians are Christian

    Bethlehem (Catholic) University, Palestine

    By Fr Leonard Feeney in 1955:
    Christian Reminder
    For anyone who wonders whether there is provocation for a present-day Catholic Crusade to rescue the Holy Land, we are concluding this issue with a partial list of the atrocities and desecrations which the Jews have committed in Palestine since 1948. (We make no attempt to indicate here the loss in lives and property suffered by the nearly one million Arabs who have been evicted from their ancient homes during the past seven years.)

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