Cardinal DiNardo excommunicates himself, again!

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Catholics are being attacked on all sides, from both outside and inside the Church, from psychopathic politicians who believe their duty is to represent the Globalists and crush the people, especially Christians, to totally delusional prelates who believe that attacking the flock of Christ is now an apostolic imperative.

At the same time, Catholics are betrayed by so many false preachers and teachers, who are telling them to be patient, take it in stride, obey, be quite, endure, shut up and buckle down and endure it. Or in other words, “Do nothing!”

That false prudence has show itself in the last 70 years to be nothing more than a diabolic counsel to betray Christ by little steps and crucify Him again by 10 thousand tiny cuts.

When will Catholics every learn to oppose the wicked in our midst?

Yes, when we have those who preach the truth. But alas, too many worry entirely about their paycheck and nothing about saving souls.

Bishops who are heretics or schismatics or apostates are ipso facto cast out of the Church in virtue of Canon 1364, promulgated by John Paul II in 1983. You do not even need to wait for a declaration. That is what latae sententiae means.  And moreover, declarations are NOT juridical acts, they are merely notifications, which have no legal value in themselves.

When a Bishop adores Pachamama or remains in communion with one who so adores it, he is ipso facto excommunicated.

When a Bishop teaches that Christ cannot save you from a winter flu and that therefore the Mass and all other Sacraments have to be omitted or radically changed to reflect that disbelief, they he is an apostate, and is ipso facto excommunicated.

When a Bishop forbids the prayer of the Church which was approved from time immemorial or changes the Our Father, he is a schismatic, and is ipso facto excommunicated.

All such Bishops have absolutely no authority in the Church. And if you keep obeying them, you are as insane as the persons who wear a mask in the summer heat, inside their car, all alone, with windows rolled up.  That is YOU ARE LIVING A LIE. And you will be damned for that. Because God declares that He will damn all liars. And to live a lie, is much worse than to utter a lie.*

This latest attack on Holy Mother Church by Cardinal Di Nardo is another glaring example, for which it is worthy taking a moment of reflection and redirecting course.

The Catholic Church is in obedience to Pope Benedict XVI, who was canonically elected but has not yet canonically resigned.  He lives in the Monastery of the Mother of God a sign to all that he is still the Pope and has taken his stand with the Immaculate Virgin against all the diabolic forces of our age.

The Church of the False prophet is in obedience to Jorge Mario “Christianity is whatever I say it is today, and if you do not like it get out of the Church” Bergoglio. He lives in the Hotel of St. Martha, surrounded by publicly known profligate sodomites, pedophiles, pedophile protectors and thieves.

So the choice is yours. To be part of the Church which is ruled from a Monastery of the Immaculate Virgin, or to be part of a side-show managed from a Hotel of Sodomites!

The Cardinals in communion with the Hotel are excommunicate for numerous reasons. That they implement the wicked designs cooked up there , confirms that.

The Catholics in communion with the Monastery of the Mother of God enjoy the  grace to know that God will triumph and soon will strike down the False Prophet and restore Benedict XVI to the Apostolic Governance of the Church. We keep the Faith, we keep the Ancient Litury, and we are keeping our sanity. We oppose the Great Reset and the Sanitary Dictatorship, because we are members of the true Church WHICH IS THE PILLAR AND MAINSTAY OF THE TRUTH.

And since these are great blessings, I invite you all to partaking of them, by rejecting the False Prophet and his Diabolic collaborators, and by continuing to pray as Catholics have always done, even if you must do in in barns, caves, public halls, parks or forests.

The clergy who do these evil things are nearly all now Vaxxed. And so, the Justice of God will soon over take them, so that they will be remember no more and be found no longer among the living. Persevere without compromise, trusting thus in God.


* Here I use the English, “lie”, in the sense of the Latin word, mendacium, that is, a falsehood which is intented to deceive yourself or others.

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15 thoughts on “Cardinal DiNardo excommunicates himself, again!”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Houston does show up on the locution target lists.

    It appears we are reaching a fork in the road from here. Either we get a reprieve or the US chastisements commence en masse. We did have one small victory in the abortion law change in Texas, now this. Another step forward step back. We can’t seem to get positive momentum going to avoid the more catastrophic prophecies unfortunately. We The Body of Christ are not going to be spared from much of the fallout from this, as many falsely believe.

  2. To be clear, are you advising us to stay at home until either PBXVI is re-instated or a new pope is canonically elected? All public Traditional & NO Masses cite Francis in the Canon – if they don’t they lose their faculties. Canon Law, like any other Law, is uselss if it is continually abused & the abusers are not publicly admonished & charged accordingly. Even if PBXVI is, by a miracle, restored to the PO, I doubt if he could, or would, excommunicate every prelate & priest in the world who, whether they agree with Francis or not, are obliged to cite his name in the Canon of the Mass. Please clarify this toxic situation.

    1. I am not asking you to do anything other that be coherent with the truth of Canon Law and the truth of the Faith. I know that is a radical challenge. Its not how people live these days.

      1. I’m not at all afraid of radical challenges but we must be sure that such challenges are investigated by the proper authorities to do so & either upheld or dismissed. Catholic Unity depends on the outcome.

        All Catholics want to attend a valid Mass & receive a valid Host in HC & I have always considered it wrong to cite Francis only in the Canon. They could say “the pope” until they come to some decision as to who that person is. I have always supported Pope Benedict & only attend Mass because he still holds the Munus. My PP told me some time ago that Antipopes are seldom publicly recognised while in office & if any heavenly wrath falls on account of this it will fall on the incumbent of the PO, the prelature who supposedly voted for him, the world’s Bishops & the priesthood (thumping his chest) but on no account on the Laity whose power is zilch in the matter.

      2. Our First duty is NOT to receive communion. Our First duty is to be IN COMMUNION with the true Pope.

    2. Ana it is a time of persecution, you are correct to worry and question. The availability of valid sacraments is choked (those in communion w B XVI). Pray the rosary daily, and any other pious prayer and practices dear to you. As for masses, the YouTube channel of radio domina nostra transmits daily TLM (in communion w B XVI). Spiritual communion is possible, the homilies are in Italian however. But there are apps that translate audio in other languages.

      1. The problem with antipopes is that they are never really lrecognized” by the church. They are compiled by scholars on a list that is often amended. The Vatican has never had an official list of true popes and antipopes. Many were simply declared antipopes later once their heresy and errors were proved (which brings the question of circularity to an epistemological framework in RC that is built on Aristotelian classical foundationalism and thus rejects circularity.

      2. Don’t be silly. There is absolute unanimity over who were and were not antipopes. You are falling into juridical positivism, which holds that the Vatican believes the Moon is made of Cheese, since it has never denied it.

  3. Our First duty is to seek the Truth. Yes, union with Peter is a necessary means of salvation, but the grace to sort out the many lies/errors that have been bandied will scarcely arrive apart from the Holy Eucharist itself. You take upon yourself a voice of spiritual direction here which exceeds your authority and presumes to suggest how Christ Himself may not be He permitted to assist His little ones in staying attached to the Mystical Body. Be very careful.

    1. Paul, I can understand your confusion which is born from a total ignorance of the Catholic Faith. The cause of grace for us is Christ’s Merits. Christ is in Heaven. Receiving the Sacrament is a means to communion, but it does not guarantee it. You can receive unworthily UNTO DAMNATION. And receiving unworthily UNTO DAMNATION according to all the saints happen when, for example, YOU RECEIVE THE SACRAMENT FROM A SCHISMATIC OR IN SCHISM, FROM A HERETIC OR A TEACHER OF HERESY. So it is not I who presume the role of a spiritual director in telling you the truth which comes for the apostles, I am merely repeating the Catholic faith as it has always been, not has you have been taught it by perverted teachers after Vatican II who want you to focus on the human liturgy and not on God in Heaven.

  4. So Catholics who cannot attend a public Mass whose celebrant names Pope Benedict in the Canon becomes schismatic unless they deny themselves the Body & Blood of Christ present in the Sacred Host which countless Eucharistic miracles throughout the world are witness to. Prior VII teaching was that the intent & personal state of grace of a validly ordained priest does not prevent the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from being a sacrifice nor HC being the Body & Blood of Christ, as they still remain His ministers despite their personal sins. Even laicised priests can perform the Last Rites & hear confession in certain circumstances.

    It is quite clear that VII caused a schism in the CC which JB & the German Church have widened to huge dimensions, so much so that it has become a priority for another ministerial council meeting like VI to declare this undermining of faith & proclaim those errors which have been inflicted on the OHCA Church by Freemasonry infiltration at the highest level. To date, no-one has stepped forward to call for such a ministerial council to be held despite the gravest attack on Catholicism ever encountered. We can only pray to God to allow the BVM to bring an end to the flagrant disobedience of Christ’s ministers in the Ape Church & expose the prelate Heaven has chosen to restore the Bride of Christ to Her former glory.

    1. It is the clear teaching of the Church that if you knowingly receive the Sacrament of the living from a Schismatic, that you will be damned.

      1. An anathema without repentance is sure damnation, yes. When one speaks of damnation, it is always with the proviso of non-repentence. All Christians know that, and those who make a fuss over it, are those who do not accept the absolute nature of the moral law, the divine law, the natural law or the evangelical law. So yes, he will be damned, unless he repents.

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