3 thoughts on “Hitler did not die in the Bunker in Berlin, the Allies allowed him to retire in Argentina”

  1. Hitler was indeed a protected globalist asset (as are most leaders today), chosen and set up by the Rothschilds in WWII for the continued advancement of the plan for a global totalitarian dictatorship — the quickly coming freemasonic “universal republic” that we now can see will include techno-feudalism, “augmented” and genetically re-engineered “humans” (man/machine entities), and absolute “full spectrum dominance” over humanity as a whole and each individual who manages to remain living at the time.

    Tragically, the “Allies” of WWII (the Western powers), with the USA in particular (that we have been conditioned to support and applaud, no matter what) are the chosen instruments to direct (and fuel) the subjection of the entire world in the ongoing global takedown. [Our military people have always been massively exploited and terribly expendable for the globalist steps/wars toward the endgame. And the highest ups in the military continue to be, of course, freemasons.]

    I read a book by a European Catholic luminary (from the days when the Church actually had some true luminaries) written near the Vatican II era of destruction, that pointed out how even in the presidential speeches of Ulysses Grant, for example, in the mid-1800s, a trained eye and ear (particularly of an adept) could discern the occult terminology and globalist agenda being promoted/proclaimed/advanced by Grant — illustrating that the USA, even then, and at the highest levels, was clearly being directed by the Illuminati in its essential global role toward everything we are seeing now.

    As ever, it is increasingly obvious that we have been swimming in, and laboring under SATANIC LIES, DECEPTION and FULL SPECTRUM DOMINATION for a LONG time. And it is very clear that “only Our Lady can save us.”

    1. Vive la Vendee – bravo, you have it in a nutshell. May we live to hear the crack as Our Lady’s heel crushes Satan’s head! Ave Maria, gratia plena!!

      1. I just heard that Hitler survived World War II and was helped to escape by the United States for the first time a few months ago. It blew my mind. I have a bachelor’s degree in history and I realize now that I was taught a fairy tale about the heroic role of the United States in World War II. So devastating.

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