Satanists control our Governments

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Back on August 1, 2016, at about 5 AM in the morning, I went as I was wont to, into the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, at Bagnoregio, to make my morning meditation and say the Rosary. Having read the news the day before about the horrible and brutal slaying of Father Jacque Hamel — during Mass in his parish Church in northern France by two jihadi youth — I could not help but lament deeply to Our Lord about who would protect His priests and people from these madmen.

And that prayer began an apostolate which Andrew J Baalman, a physical descendant of Charlemagne, and I began just weeks later, in the USA.  Following that inspiration, I left immediately for the USA to found Ordo Militaris Inc., instead of withdrawing to a hermitage in the mountains of Italy, as I had planned on doing.

The first confirmation that this inspiration was of God came 24 hours later, more or less, when hundreds of earthquakes struck the very region of Italy I was planning to live in. And the second was when the Lord sent me as the first recruit a son of Charlemagne.

In this apostolate to help prevent the persecution of Christians, we have done as much as we could with all we had, and while we are only a small NGO, we do all for the love of Jesus and His people.

So imagine my surprise when one afternoon in the spring of 2017, I get a phone call from the FBI asking me to come down to their office and explain to them what I am doing.  In our conversation, I was asked point blank how many guns I own. Zero was my answer.

The FBI subsequently cleared me from being considered a domestic terrorist threat.

But now, 4 years later, I shake my head in DISGUST when I see the US government abandon and thus effectively donate hundreds of MILLIONS or perhaps several BILLIONS of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban, in Afghanistan, who are psychopathic mass murderers.

In the eyes of the US Government, the idea that a Franciscan brother and a few Catholics are encouraging others to defend Christians is worthy of suspicion.  But the donation of military-grade equipment and firepower to mass-murdering jihadis is O.K..

But it is not only the US Government, all the allies in Afghanistan were in on it one way or the other, since any one of them could have taken the military hardware and send its own troops.

Now, the real red pill we need to swallow today is that Our governments ares run by Satanists who actually do admire other manics like themselves and want to empower them. Even ally with them, as the above video points out!

No, the only real threat they fear is a Catholic with a gun, who admires the Crusaders and wants to defend the innocent god-fearing Christians. — If Catholics only understood the power they have in their name.

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25 thoughts on “Satanists control our Governments”

  1. I hear you, but I just want to warn you about God and his plans. He quite often will send me down a path that appears obvious from all the signs then I find out after many twists and turns the real intent was not what I originally thought. Sometimes it takes decades for God’s plans to unfold, after many twists and turns. It can be extremely frustrating, which is why I try to take it no more than one day at a time.

    1. You need to realize that when God indicates a path, that He indicates it and what it indicates to you are distinct things. That is why the Saints, such as John of the Cross warn us to detach ourselves from the phenomena of revelations and hearken to the truth of Scripture which is the key to understanding them all.

      1. Let’s put it in terms I can understand. Locutionists, Bible, God, whatever, has told me to move from an island in the Gulf of Mexico to a home waiting for me on top of a mountain. For whatever reasons I’m running out of energy to ‘play this game’, again, after 60 some years of rabbit hole chasing. So I’m figuring like you I’ll just stay here and wait til the inevitable worst case scenario. Lo and behold God blows up the washing machine this morning. On top of the last ten blow ups trying to get me to step up and get with the program. Okay? I’m already living like an animal and now this. So finally I’m forced to get some help in here, do whatever it takes to get myself pulled together and out of here. You want to sit there ignoring all the warnings I’m telling you he’s going to have a field day with you, toss you around like a rag doll. We were put here at this time in history to help others after the Warning. Worn out exhausted beaten up as we are, that’s our assignment, and come hell or high water he is going to drag us across the finish line if that’s what it takes. There is no easy way out.

      2. Saint Hildegard of Bingen says the Lord God will send a huge asteroid to crash into the oceans causing huge tidal waves to destroy all coastal cities. So yes, I would suggest you move. Also, if you own property in an island in the carribean, changes are you can sell and buy a large ranch in the mainland. Top of a mountain may just mean high altitude like most of the great plains…

  2. The video is likely rather old. I see a few MiL Hind helicopters, some T72 tanks and other Soviet era equipment plus some 25 year old Toyota pickups. The modern US kit has probably been shipped to China.

  3. I hear you. Imagine if a Catholic militia had gone into Afghanistan (or any other country for that matter) to protect and liberate the Christian minorities. The international community would be climbing over themselves in their haste to get in there and “sort out” the Catholics.
    Most of the world is now indeed run (ruined) by satanic maniacs.

    I believe it’s in the region of 85 BILLION in arms the jihadis now have. See the breakdown here:

  4. I think it’s reasonable to surmise that the transfer of the military equipment together with pallets of shrink-wrapped dolla billss was part of a secret withdrawal deal. That the Taliban will now be heavily armed is just a happy bonus for the USA, a country that must create external enemies in order to sustain its bloated military-industrial complex. Don’t forget that all that abandoned gear will now need to be replaced with fresh kit, so more orders for the M-I complex. Ker-ching!

    1. I concurr. But I think the real reality is that the Taliban has been a CIA op since the 80s, and that afghanistan is now run by the CIA.

  5. Not taking anything away from AJ Baalman, I really think it’s great that he’s related to Charlemagne, but you are most likely related to Charlemagne as well, as well as most people with European ancestry.
    I read about this a long time ago and there are many many websites that conclude this, not just the one I’m posting here:
    We’re all brothers and sisters in blood and in Christ.

    1. No Mr. Baalman is a direct blood descendant, by lineage. Those who claim that we are all related to Charlemagne are jokers at worse, because they advance no lineages to prove it, or are basing their presumptions on the existence of unknown illegitimate births. I do not think anyone wants to claim he is a descendant of a bastard, and if someone does, he surely should not compare himself as a equal to someone who can trace it back person by person to Charlemagne through approved and recognized genealogical resources.

      1. Excuse me.
        I can prove my direct lineage from Charlemagne, through the Counts of Holland through the rich merchant families in Holland. Yet I am not unequal to anyone else. As for God we are equal and there is no Gentile, Jew, Greek or whatever and God grants his gifts to anyone without presumption.
        To have a direct lineage is more of a handicap, since mixing the genepool makes healthier individuals…

      2. In a disagreement it is clever to change the meaning of a word by placing it in another context, but in logic it is a fallacious argument.

    2. Hi Gregory,. I agree with you. I went on an ancestry research binge a few years ago. Found out quite by accident someone I was close to, actually dated for a couple years, we’re in the same family tree, not that far apart. As if that wasn’t enough I find out we both descended from Henry VIII. Long story short, eventually after many intellectual gymnastics I came to the same conclusion, we are ALL related.

    1. Medievals held that the fall of such “stars” was a sign of an impending death and change of monarch.

  6. Dear Br.Alexis Bugnolo and From Rome team.

    God bless you all in any duty you have taken. I really feel life in the presence of God since I connected to your site and recieve any information everyday.
    I am a Protestant who live in Indonesia, and I pray for you all everyday. May God bless you all the way.

    To be honest of you, I do not hold credit card and that is the reason why I have short hands to support you and team both via credit card and also via paypal.
    If you welcome, could you open other way for people like me to donate and support From Rome.

    Thank you so much.
    Jesus Christ our savior bless you and team.

    1. If you do not have those, you can in some countries use a gift card sold under the names of Master Card, Visa, Diners Club etc..

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