21 thoughts on “Australia: To refuse Medical Care to all unVaxxed”

    1. It seems they are going to go all the way to complete repression. They are being told by the Globalist Elite, in my opinion, to push the limit in every direction, to see what a free people will do. If they succede in Australia they will attempt this in every other nation. We are in Armageddon, and the Aussies need to wake up and start TOTAL CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

      1. I wonder if they now realize why their government took all their guns away. It doesn’t look like the Aussies are going to be fighting back because if they were, I would think they would have done so by now. SAD

      2. I am an Aussie (pronounced Auzzie by the way) and very few people here are awake. The majority refuse to read, listen, acknowledge anything pertaining to the truth (our perspective that we present to them), no matter how well-read ‘educated’ or ‘intelligent’ they present themselves as. All of these people watch the media and MSM without questioning it. They literally scoff at us, the resistance.

        I’m coming to the realisation, and it’s difficult to admit, that the people here, not just the government, have been Communist for decades without realising it and that the idea of Communism (mass compliance) is far from dreaded here, it’s actually welcomed.

        There is the idea that professions (medical, legal, police, military), corporations and the Australian and State governments and the media do us a great service. No one questions ‘their noble motives’. Secret societies appear to have successfully pulled off the most monumental con- job ever. We had no idea that corruption really existed here because bribery is not something you see in the streets. Bribery is all institutional. (People don’t bargain here. They just trustingly pay the ticketed price).

        Sadly truth is no longer a valued concept; it’s not relevant. What matters is one’s own individually held opinion, own strong feelings, which are seldom tested. Hence the present reckoning.

        The unvaccinated are facing what looks like the final solution (via starvation/ no income) in a couple of short weeks. These few of us are absolutely speechless seeing the tsunami roll in. We have nothing but God almighty and the BVM to hold on to. Any other is recourse is gone! Just trying to plant tomatoe seeds, beans (any veggies) in our back yards and buy chooks – all too little, too late. All of our jobs, access to Churches, doctors, government (financial) funding/benefits will be gone in days / weeks for the unvaccinated. Please pray for us.

        The Holy Face devotion is spreading. I pray it’ll be the super spreader to stop all this, because we need God to step in.
        “Show us Thy Face O Lord and we shall be saved!”” Holy Face of Jesus Save us!”

    2. Its Daniel Andrews that is the problem. Even the Prime Minister Scott Morrisen doesn’t have the balls to stop him. F*cking government is the worst in Australia!!

  1. The unvaccinated are protecting themselves, with God’s help we will be a light to the world for God we live for God we die for His Glory . Psalm 91 will be our joy .

    1. I hope you are doing well, I just read this. In the US MILLIONS have refused to submit to the Draconian Tyranny of the Elites. As a Christian I take my faith seriously, knowing that in Messiah alone is my Hope! Shalom and blessings to you and yours.

  2. Get their guns out. ! ENOUGH!!


  3. Quote: ‘We are in Armageddon, and the Aussies need to wake up and start TOTAL CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.’
    They won’t because most of them are up to their necks in debt to the moneylenders. Only Divine intervention will save us – coming soon.
    Prepare now. before its too late.

  4. Martial Law will be imposed in the event of civil disobedience in Australia. And State governments are building quarantine centres (aka concentration camps).

  5. Paradoxically, I think this is a potentially positive move. (Dons asbestos suit.) The normal methid of the psycopaths is to introduce further encroachments on a softly-softly basis, often by covert legislation. This, unfortunately, seems to work on the masses, who quickly become inured to the latest hardship or inconvenience imposed on them. However, this time they have abandoned the softly-softly approach, revealed their hand and upped the pressure far too quickly (IMO). This is surely going to get push-back from the Australian people and, equally, will show the rest of the world what awaits them at some point in the future if they do nothing.

    Whether the Australian govt. is trying to meet a NWO-imposed deadline or is simply looking to provoke civil unrest as a pretext for further crackdowns and full-on totalitarian control, eg martial law, remains to be seen. Unless the Internet is taken down, which I belive is a distinct possibility as things ramp up, the rest of the world will be better informed as to its own future fate. We are being warned.

    1. It’s provocation of “civil disobedience” and martial law will ensue. The entire country is locked down. There is nowhere to run. Protests are brutally quashed. The entire political system is corrupt. There is no separation of powers between govt and courts. What do we do?

      1. All our rights have been stripped away in the blink of an eye. We have a medical apartheid. And the Anzac spirit died with the anzacs. Our children are doomed, what kind of future awaits them?

  6. As a practical matter this would be impossible to implement without an imbedded chip including health care information. I think that’s what this is about. Especially in medical emergencies, patients may be unable to provide vaxx status physically or cognitively.

  7. To the Australian People,

    There is a man named Romeo Georges who you will find on Bitchute. His language was colourful in the first video I saw, but he has fire in his belly and he is absolutely furious about what is going on with this Covid hoax. I think he is trying to get a political party together against the current traitor political parties and politicians. I don’t know if this information will help?

    1. Thanks Helen. There are a few new political parties being formed. But I’m not sure what help this will be. It feels like a losing battle. The critical mass has just rolled over. The fear tactics are phenomenal. Vax ppl saying they want in-vaxxed locked out of society bc they are so scared of them spreading the virus. So much misinformation and lack of transparency. Ppl turning on each other. The country is so divided. Families are so divided. And now they are coming after our children (with the vax). We literally have no right to refuse.

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