France: Tribunal to hear case against illegitimate and illegal Covid “Vaccines”

Communique by Reaction 19


The Covid-19 Vaccination program in France has been challenged in court in a case which was filedon August 26, 2021. The case in question will be heard by the Judicial Court of Paris on October 21, 2021.

The Tribunal has been asked to judge the Vaxxes illegitimate and illegal for the following reason: the vaccine products used since December 27, 2020 are illegal because they do not comply with the conditional marketing authorization granted to manufacturers by the European Commission.

Since this date of the beginning of vaccinations, all injections have been made with ingredients which are illegal more medical use in France. All reimbursements from the Social Security for those who have been vaxxed are also illegal. The current health procedures require the IMMEDIATE STOP of all Covid-19 vaccinations.

It is time for the media to do their job of informing the public, since they have all received the press release of August 27, 2021, from “Réaction 19” signed by its President Maitre Brusa.

We too must do our part because today no one should be vaccinated, which can reassure all those who feared they would have to do so to preserve their jobs or, even worse, to have their children vaccinated.

The more we spread this information, the sooner vaccinations will stop. The moment we know about this procedure, we are responsible for any vaccinations that continue.

Let’s not rely on the media to spread the word, let’s take each other by the hand and flood our contacts, neighbors, doctors’ offices, neighborhood pharmacies, etc., because who would dare to continue to vaccinate illegally after knowing this fact?

The legal sanctions for these violations will be severe and no one will escape.

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11 thoughts on “France: Tribunal to hear case against illegitimate and illegal Covid “Vaccines””

  1. Good news, I guess. Problem is we have 3+B spike protein super spreaders already unleashed. And there is no cure other than the spiritual ones, which no one believes in anyway, except for a few of us ‘crazy’ remnant types. I don’t think I’ll be jumping up out of my death bed any time soon, but nice try.

  2. No offense Br Bugnolo, but that nowhere does this document say a tribunal rendered a judgement declaring the vaccine program illegal or placed under an injunction by a French Court as of August 26, 2021.

    It is just a letter written by the President of Réaction19 to la Direction des services départementaux de l’éducation nationale de Vaucluse.

    So my question to you is: What is the source of this information re the vaccination program being ‘placed under an injunction by a French Court as of August 26, 2021’?

      1. Well I am fluent in French and read the original document in French and that is why I wrote what I wrote. So whoever translated this letter either didn’t know what they were doing, or purposefully engaged in misinformation.

  3. Forgot to add… unless we are talking about another document and not the one in the picture above.

    1. The announcement was sent out via alternative means, and the website has other news. But my source in France confirms that it came from Reaction19 in a newsletter.

  4. I believe there has been some misunderstanding due to a somewhat confusing text sent via various social networks – likely reported by your French source.
    The misunderstanding is probably due to the French word “référé” which has been understood as a tribunal sentence, while in this case is the legal action undertaken by Maître Brusa on the 26th of August – tribunal to debate the issue on 21st October.
    Here below a link allowing to better understand the full context – it’s in French :

  5. Besides the lawsuits handled by Me Protat, thousands of complaints against French government ministers have been filed, which is a situation that has never happened before :

    The question is about whether any of them will be considered as founded by the special commission in charge of the first selection…

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