11 thoughts on “If the Vaxx is good for you, why are millions of Nurses refusing it?”

  1. There was a protest of healthcare workers in my town last week. We are in a world of trouble in America if these critical care workers lose their jobs. Freedom over force!

    1. My husband, an ICU RN of 40 plus years who has worked at the bedside throughout this entire thing is losing his job for refusing the jab.

    2. Forcing anyone to take a vaccine against their Will is an infringement upon our Constitutional rights. This country unfortunately is headed in the wrong direction. Time to stand up and say:” Enough is enough!”

  2. Many will resign — or wait to be fired — rather than take the deathvax, and very sensible too. The same applies to care workers.

    But, as Br. Alexis has previously pointed out, this will place the healthcare and care-giving services under ever-greater strain, which, if the hospitals stick to their guns and self destruct in the process, furthers the depopulation aims of the Satanists.

    It will be interesting to see whether the hopitals’ economic self-interest will win out or if they’ll be the agents of their own demise.

    Shorter term, the predictable lack of available beds will no doubt be blamed on a rise in “cases”, rather than a reduction in available staff.

  3. Healthcare is run as a business, for profit, even if they say it’s not, that is the agenda IMO. I was shocked to find out recently a cousin of mine, medical doctor, his son, who is a brilliant young man who could have done anything with himself in the healthcare field, has chosen to pursue a career as a healthcare business consultant, strategist.

    It’s all about the money I think. They view workers as disposable, with a constant supply available, cheaper and younger, from other areas, or import them if they have to legally or otherwise, or simply jack up the patient to nurse ratio to reduce costs that way. Sorry, that’s the way I see it. It’s a lot easier to do it this way, blame it on the nurses, than simply reduce costs by providing less care. Anyone who has spent a lot of time in hospitals lately knows the CNAs do all the work anyway. The nurses are there basically just to pass meds and handle emergencies. Sorry again, but that’s been my experience with them. They stopped being supportive advocates a long time ago.

  4. I find it interesting that many of these same nurses no doubt had zero problem injecting countless millions. So now many of them are saying they did it with full knowledge? I sure wouldn’t want to have to explain that one in the throne room.

  5. About 40 percent of employees at my hospital have not gotten the ‘vax.’

    Quite a bit given the constant propaganda so far.

  6. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if healthcare workers who were fired for not taking the jab form their own little cash-only clinic in each city for the non-vaxxed?

  7. It’s all the liar’s between all governments’they are jabbing people they are the one’s spreading the virus .Stop vaccineing everyone They are using the word FEAR. Once they have done that they win FEAR is a strong word that’s why the government’s are doing this fear you can make people do what you want end of story

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