4 thoughts on “Italian Doctor denounces his own Sister, a Mother Superior, as no-Vaxx”

  1. Fr. Stephen Imbaratto (sp.?) I heard recently say he is in the process of relocating from NM to FL. He runs a pro-life ministry nationally, is very active on this front. What a breath of fresh air down here in this swamp. I pray with him and for him and his ministry, much success in putting an end to this madness.

  2. I am proud of Mother Superior. I don’t like her brother. I better not say anything more lol

  3. I wasn’t expecting this part:
    “The mother superior told the paper that “I am not vaccinated” and will probably do so “in September,” once the summer is over, and only if the disease starts again and “claims so many victims.” If this is the case, she said, “then I’m going to get it.””

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