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  1. I see a uniform response from all of those that comment on all the news, that is that something needs to be done, but that is all.

    What I do not see is that no one is trying to do what Our Lady asked us to do and that is to return to God, to Jesus Christ and the following of the old and the truth that Good is Good and evil is evil.

    Most humans are still not wanting to trust God, not willing to admit that God is truth, that the only way out of the current situation is to defeat those that are trying to let the devil win the war between Good and evil. That the only way to find an answer is to rely on man and not on God.

    When we realize that evil is represented by the devil and the teachings of communism. When we realize somehow that God is Good and He is the truth and the only way to end this is by returning to the Truth, to The Holy Trinity, then He will destroy evil which is the devil.

    Until we realize that the devil is using the Freemasons, the socialist, the communist and the progressives to establish the New World order and that the New world Order is nothing more than the belief that what used to be considered evil is now considered good and what used to be Good is now evil.

    When we realize that communism represented by Russia in the last century and now by China is the root of evil. And when we as a civilization realize that Our Lady has given us the answer to the current malady – “ Consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart” . Then and only then as we return to acknowledge that God is the Truth, then and only then, we will see the changes we all hope for.

    I know that the One Holy Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the same forces of evil represented by communism. But even in the Catholic Church, the faithful has been persuaded to accept those in church hierarchy as being the legitimate leaders. Even though most faithful acknowledge that there is something wrong with Bergolio’s rulings, they do nothing. So we that do still believe in Jesus, in the Holy Trinity and in the true God, we must continue to pray and do everything we can to convince others close to us and near us to read about Our Lady, Mary the mother of God and her requests at the many apparitions she has done, specially the request to have Russia consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. At the minimum, pray the rosary every day.

    1. Amen to your words. God is the answer to every problem, including this one. Yet we must pray and act, both.

  2. Go to your zCatholic Book store and buy a small blue book entitled Rosary Novenas to Our Lady, a Rosaryand have it blessed by a priest, and pray the Novena,…and fast.

  3. The description of police brutality inflicted upon helpless unarmed people in Australia is a sobering realization that – in terms of physical power – people in unarmed/disarmed societies are completely powerless and helpless in the face of armed enforcers of diabolical laws who have turned bad and are now operating as thugs.

    Conversion, penance and prayer are the prerequisite for any moral Catholic action. But what should we as unarmed Catholics do when wittnessing such unjust violence, such abuse of physical force against innocent, helpless civilians when scores of armed and armored riot police beat up a single person in front of us? What to do in terms of defending the innocents against mobs of unjust brutalizers – police turned bad? Thank you, dear Br. Alexis, for your thoughts on this pressing issue.

    1. Every human being has the right to bear arms at all times and no government of men can cancel that right per se or in regard to an honest man. Even if you country does not allow you to bear arms, you can licitly — that is morally, in the sight of God — acquire them and use them in extreme cases of self defense of yourself or others. However, when the bearing of arms is made illegal, use of them may result in your being labeled an outlaw. And in just circumstances if any nation so labels its citizen, then all need to recognize that it is not a legitimate government but a criminal conspiracy to enslave its people. We have endured to much injustice since the French Revolution, and even St. HIldegard of Bingen said that Catholics would be led by St. Michael the Archangel to take military action against their enemies in the end times. Catholics who are former or current military have nearly all the responsibility for taking the initiative here. I would not advise a Catholic who knows nothing about the use of such arms, the kind of discernment when to use them, and the tactical and strategic training to know the better thing to do for the goals to be attained, to use them. Let us pray, yes, but let us pray that God raise up military leaders to start a world rebellion against the Great Reset and the Masonic Order.

    2. IN regard to police brutality, if you are a witness, film everything and report the crime to other groups of police who have rival juristictions. So if the crime is commited by local police, report the crime to the national or regional police, and vice versa. Also be ready to speak boldly to the police to prevent such conflicts. I myself have talked down 8 police men with submachine guns, simply using facts and reason. But when a fit of violence breaks out, then the police begin to act like a pack of dogs, the best advice is to run. However, if they are physically abusing a defenseless innocent, such as an elderly person, child or women, I do think it is the chivalrous thing to do, if you are not armed, to place yourself between them and that person. If you have an arm, you can always fire it in the air to shock them back to their senses, if the frenzy is not too great as to totally take away their common sense. In all such conflicts the person being sought by the police, if they cannot escape should go limp. And if there are any Catholics who are very heavy in weight, they should so so round about the person sought. The police today do not have the strength to carry anyone, and if they beat a limp person it will totally erode their public image which is a greater objective to be sought by us the free peoples of the earth, than harming them physically. I kept 16 PLUS police occupied for 6 hours in the Piazza S. Maria Maggiore by such an action. The mania by which they want to enforce an obvious irrational order or sanitary control will be made more evident the more passive we are. Dont ever remain on your feet or hands. Lie down. Take no action. Do not speak except to calm, avoid further violence. Refuse to cooperate inasmuch as the law allows.

  4. The Australian Government in Nov. 2020 passed a Bill, Defence Legislation Amendment ( Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies). Bill 2020. The man from QLD should get a copy (rom George C. MP?). It appears to expand the powers of of the ADF to assist Police. Even Foreign forces it seems “in emergencies”. It sounds extremely dangerous for Australians. One World Order / the Nazi Great Reset? What is happening now is beyond understanding and the people are just confused, fed-up and feeling there is no solution to what the Govt. Federal and State is doing other than to destroy this country and the people. Prayers to Heaven our only resort now.

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