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      1. Br. Alexis,
        Could you please give us an update on your private military business? It would help us understand how far along we are with the Apocalypse.

      2. Ordo Militaris. An update on interest from the Catholic community. Do people seem to be getting more aware of what’s going on, or are they for the most part getting the shots and doing whatever PB tells them to do? Public sentiment among the Catholic community is the question. I don’t get out and see or even talk to many people any more. It would be helpful in figuring out where we are in terms of preparations, that is my main issue right now, getting ready, on time. Mundane as it may be. I can’t seem to make a lot of forward progress not knowing how much time we have left here in the US. If it’s game over everything goes in the trash can and I bolt the door. Hopefully its not that hopeless yet. Some of the Garabandal folks are talking game over Warning 2023 now.

      3. Most Catholics who did not see an existential threat from Bergoglio, are now completely ideologically controlled by the Masonic Church and are taking the vaxx. But as for the level of resistance, I would say it is zero, since the Catholic Clergy since the French Revolution, to make peace with the revolutionaries, have preached either pacifism or martyrdom but not resistance. This leaves most catholics with either heavy guilt trips at considering the prospect of defending themselves or an eagerness to pray and await for martyrdom doing nothing. It is less than 1 tenth of one percent of Catholics who are free of these errors.

      4. What is your interpretation of the number 144000. Just curious. Frankly I think it’s none of my business but again I’m just trying to guage the situation for my own peace of mind and forward progress. I do think it’s important to take action. Laying in bed waiting for the inevitable UN troops has never been my plan. Action for me personally is more in terms of self defense than public.

      5. Its a biblical sign for a multitude from every tribe and nation of the righteous throughout the earth.

      1. Thank you, Mick.
        I found it via bitchute
        this is a guy who thinks he’s paranormal.
        I’m not, be I see it coming too.
        It’s just adding up from what’s happening at the moment.
        It “of flu” season and there are many cases with vaxxed people.
        The figures are obfuscated, because within 2 weeks of the vax you are counted as unvaxxed.
        So probably all of the cases are vaxxed people.
        I can imagine what happens with flu season.

      1. Be careful with these type of guys who think they have special ‘spiritual’ gifts,,, paranormal is an euphemism for paganism/occult.

  1. So sad the beautiful young girl. We have to heal those kids.
    I’m scared, I live in Umbria. We have to protect the children, they are innocent. Take them from school, we need action and fight until the end.

  2. Dear brother Alexis sia lodato Gesù Cristo
    How sad I am to, as you noted here above, that there is no resistance from the Catholics.
    I too must acknowlege and accept this.
    Would it be an idea to set up a new confraternita di combattimento come patrona Santa Giovanna d’Arc.
    Non riesco a trovare sacerdoti pronti a celebrare con BVI,
    I am resisting alone amongst herds of sheep in my family and surrounding society and between Catholics who have no choice than to take the jab to be able to continue to provide for their families. Considering myself lucky though because, I am but a poor housewife, without employment and no bank account, so actually I thank the Lord for being free, poor but free.
    I long for the days when BVI was guiding the our beloved Mother Church and there was unity peace sanctity and all seemed right.
    Is there any possibly to receive communion in Rome, kneeling on the tongue and in union with BvI?
    Ti benedica grandemente il Signore, ti dia Pace e Luce,
    Uniti in Cristo Re dei Re

    1. We’ve tried to get him out of there, offered free places to stay etc. He says he wants to stay until the cops drag him off to Italian/Sicilian gitmo. He must have something going on over there, God only knows; actually I asked a locutionist to talk to God about the situation, he won’t tell me anything either. If you want to ‘help’ the policy here is PayPal cash or credit. Otherwise, we all just try to ignore the elephant in the room, keep the conversation going, while Rome is obviously burning.

  3. I have been listening to Bro. Alexis since February 2021. My TLM priest told me about this website when I said I felt lost and afraid to take the vax. He is in agreement with Bro Alexis about this scamdemic. After listening Bro Alexis’s news and advice, I pray harder because he has opened my eyes. He changed my outlook from being a helpless victim to now believing I should be taking control over defense, protection, and provisions for my family. For the past 6 months, I’ve followed his advise to prepare for this. I’ve spent many hours learning about survival techniques from expert preppers online. I learned what foods to stocked up with long shelf life; I’ve transferred financial assets to those that work best in a barter economy; Purchased cooking equipment, tools, fishing gear, and supplies to survive without electricity. I no longer feel like a victim.

    God gave us the instinct of survival, he expects us to defend ourselves to be able to spread his Word in our lifetimes to help save souls. We are here to help neighbors with works of charity and mercy. He needs his faithful to trust in His guidance so we can defend His Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. Waiting for something to happen that tells us when disaster is going to strike makes us the sitting duck who will not survive. We cannot be good Catholic soldiers if we are no longer here.

    I see Bro Alexis as a messenger. He has intuition, knowledge, spirituality, and resources guiding us in the right direction. For months he has been sounding an alarm telling me to wake up and do something. I understood that it was time for all of us faithful to prepare ASAP for a world under attack. It’s not the time to take the lazy, “wait and see” approach. Those days are over, the enemy is knocking at our door. And what if the apocalypse doesn’t occur? Well, I ended up spending a little extra money to have more food, supplies, and newly acquired survival skills…and for me, it’s a fair trade. God bless you and give you strength to persevere for all of us who follow you, Bro. Alexis.

    1. “My TLM priest…”. That’s encouraging. So now we’re up to two priests with guts, yours and Fr. Altman.

  4. I agree with everything you say apart from your references to God, being an atheist I don’t believe in any of them.
    We are very similar.

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