One thought on “USA: Oregon State Police & Firefighters suing to prevent Vaxx Mandate”

  1. As I’ve said before this is all well and good, for now, but all of these folks need to be thinking about a backup plan for when the sign of the beast is implemented, controlling access to finances.

    Watching the financial markets this morning, as I have since 2005, we may finally be seeing some cracks in the veneer. Too early to tell yet, but when this thing blows all freakin hell breaks loose; the people running the show really don’t care about anything but money and the power that buys. When their portfolios go the way of the dodo bird no telling what’s going to happen. I doubt any of them believe it could even be possible, they think they’ve got it all figured out. I’m talking about the judges, lawyers, politicians, bankers, doctors, all the professional moneyed people running the zhitzhow. Eventually it’s prophesized they start stabbing each other in the back. Should get interesting. I’d be keeping one eye on the financial markets here, tis the season.

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