One thought on “Australia: Video from inside a Covid Quarantine Prison”

  1. I used to ask the question why is Australia being punished or tested so much. Why are are we the guinea pigs of the cabals tyranny but then I started to realise just as Christians have to carry their cross in order to get to heaven, so is our nation under a heavy cross and is being tested by God. In actual fact we are blessed with these sufferings. So many are waking up and realising that we are being conned and ruled with an iron thumb. Others are still totally unaware and sadly that includes our Churchmen too blinded by the guise of the world.

    Next month they plan to introduce vaccine
    Passports and that includes being able to worship. Without a passport you cannot worship. I had asked my priest to sign the Ezekial Declaration put together by various Christian denominations and a total of well over 2000 Churchmen signed except for my priest. He completely ignored my request. What this declaration is about was to petition our Prime Minister to stop the vaccine passports. However it was ignored by our PM too as so many of our requests are. Our leaders are hell bent on total destruction. What they do not know is after they have harmed us to the extreme that their own destruction will come later. No one gets away with murder, if they not punished in this life then they will be punished all the more in the next. And that goes for anyone else who is involved in harming their citizens, the doctors, the nurses, govt officials, politicians, military and police who turn against the people in order to serve their demonic master satan, aka the big s.

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