Former Confrere of Br. Bugnolo persecuted for speaking against the DeathVaxx

Comment by Br. Bugnolo

If anyone knows Father Roth, let him know that if he is driven out of the Bergoglian Church, he always has a cell and table with me here in Italy. I am proud to have known this upright and devout son of St. Francis. Pray for him and come to his defense, you who can, in the United Kingdom.

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12 thoughts on “Former Confrere of Br. Bugnolo persecuted for speaking against the DeathVaxx”

  1. Evil vaccine.
    Excactly what I told Yael Eckstein of the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians, when they where staring to innoculate in Israel.

  2. “a cell and table”. I feared it was that bad from the looks of things there. Please tell us you’re not hiding out in a lavatory in a Church basement, without even a small refrigerator or a cot. I certainly know about doing without, offering up sacrifices pain and suffering for the salvation of souls, but we all need to be preparing to sustain ourselves at a higher level in order to survive the coming trials and tribulations.

      1. I browsed thru a website of such accommodations in Rome. There are lots of them. So you’ve been over there since 2013, per fromrome?

      2. No, I have been in Rome since Oct. 2019. Though I was studying at Rome from 2011-2013, I had to return to the States to take care of my mom, who came down with dementia, and went to hands of the Lord on Nov. 2, 2018.

    1. Monks don’t need a palace, a future order Catholic prophecy states won’t have a roof or shoes, they will providentially beg all the alms they require.

      1. We do not need to own a place, but I assure you we are human beings who need to sleep and eat and thus need shelter. Though a few great ones could stand on a hill in winter with feet in ice water, like St. Patrick, most of us are made of weaker metal.

  3. A True Hero!
    Anyone who is as brave as Brother Roth & in need, is welcome to stay with me in The Netherlands. Just go to St Mary Star of the Sea, in the small city of Den Helder, they can contact me ( they will act very reluctant…be persuasive!.. ;-))

    Love & take care,
    Henriette J.

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