USA: Los Angeles Fire Fighters form Vaxx Resistance Group

All public servants and first responders need to do this. We need a government which is for the people. The People will follow!

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One thought on “USA: Los Angeles Fire Fighters form Vaxx Resistance Group”

  1. All union workers need to get organized, do whatever needs to be done, including going out on strike, to take care of business. If every union worker would rise up get organized take action this situation could be turned around. I was never in a union but I got involved with a ski group in NYC run by a firefighter, almost everyone in the club was NYFD or NYPD so I’m familiar with how these guys operate, went on a number of long trips with them, got to know them one on one. And I had two cousins who were cops, good cops. The leader of the ski club was Catholic, not like many of today’s Catholic men, a real man. When everyone had vacated the scene downtown after 911 he and a small group of his friends went in for no pay volunteer to sift thru the debris looking for survivors then remains. It went on for about six months. A good group of guys like my friend and his buddies from NYFD, NYPD, that’s what it’s going to take. Not a bunch of winey wimpy azzwipes like we’ve got running this zhitzhow.

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