Marshall reacts to FSSP and ICK Letter responding to Traditionis Custodes
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3 thoughts on “Marshall reacts to FSSP and ICK Letter responding to Traditionis Custodes”

  1. Taylor Mar$$hal STILL after eight years calls Antipope Bergoglio “Pope Francis.” Controlled opposition and most likely a freemason:

    “Pinned by Dr Taylor Marshall
    Dr Taylor Marshall
    What’s your take. Did FSSP and ICK cave in to Pope Francis or did they do the right thing? ✅ 1) Please click Thumbs-Up Like Button 👍🏻 to tell people this is a good video.
    1 day ago”

    It reminds me of the fake conservatives in Fox News constantly complaining about usurper Biden, yet recognizing him as completely legitimate and censoring all efforts to expose the fraud. They talk about 2022 and 2024 without wanting to do anything about the fraud of 2020 and 2018.

    NOTHING will change until Bergoglio is deposed as an antipope.

    1. I have been very critical of Dr. Marshall, but I consider his comments about the proper way men of God should comport themselves with their superiors to be very worthy of approval. He is absolutely right that these superiors are not leaders and are not acting as men or Catholics. And he does not deny that Benedict XVI could be the pope, he just does not yet have the intellectual confidence in the way back out of the narrative. I think this letter has jolted him a lot, and perhaps will be an occasion of grace. I would be the first to welcome him back.

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