What to do first if you took a Covid-19 Vaxx and think you might have been harmed by it?

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6 thoughts on “What to do first if you took a Covid-19 Vaxx and think you might have been harmed by it?”

  1. I applaud you two for doing this show. And especially you Br. Alexis for stepping up in July taking responsibility for your own health, doing the necessary homework, following thru with testing. It is imperative for each of us to take responsibility for our own health, educate ourselves as necessary and take appropriate action. The Dr. Zalenkos of this world are the rare exception not the rule. Most primary care physicians these days are nothing but glorified drug dealers. And if you find yourself under the unavoidable so called care of a hospitalist, God help you, at least in my county they are controlled by the government. Trying to have a normal conversation with them about anything health care related you might as well be talking to a brick wall.

    First and foremost it is imperative to do our own research about EVERYTHING anyone tells you or your dependent loved one to put in their body. Find out about the side effects, do your own due diligence, make your own informed decision about what’s right for you and yours. I found out the hard way taking care of my mother’s health care situation, the drugs they prescribe these days for seniors in particular are brain killers. Okay so a drug lowers cholesterol a few points but you end up brain damaged, is it worth it, for example. That’s the kind of thing that only the patient can decide not some azzhole in a white coat who’s dating his drug dealer on the side. Yes it’s true. My mother’s primary care physician of about 25 years, dropped his wife and three kids for some young drug dealer. He married the girl sent her to PA school and next thing you know she’s trying to force a colonoscopy on my 85 year old mother with dementia. Over my dead body. Thanks again boys. Keep up the good work.

  2. Remember when the saints relics were brought to the seriously I’ll and cures would happen immediately. Why dont we do that again.? Just bc after V2 we never heard of this again doesnt mean its obsolete except in the souls of those who never were taught this.. A piece of clothing or a tooth or bone of a saints body, bc of the power of Jesus in him cures . Covid patients near death need this and extreme unction.

    1. If you are seeking a cure, I definitely do recommend and urge the use of Relics of true Saints. But first you need to confess every mortal sin, including the one of taking the DeathVaxx, either by believing in falsehood or not being prudent enough to disbelieve the propaganda, not to mention doubting the Power of God to give you health and protect your health. — However, since most of those who took the DeathVaxx are not in this state of soul and cannot return to it without the grace of conversion, one should not presume to bring the relics of the Saints to such persons unless the express both the Catholic Faith and repentance and trust in the Power of God and the Saints.

      In the interview above, I have used the word, “First”, in regard to medical and legal action, not obviously in regard to spiritual action.

  3. Thank you for going over the tests Br. You did great with the medical jargon coming from a doctor.
    Although my specialty is dermatology, and I don’t treat respiratory diseases per say, I am seeing side effects of the V in my patients. Just today a pt had a large blood blister and another area on his hand would not stop bleeding: I recognize this as platelet dysfunction as a clinician. He is going to see his primary care MD however I already know he has a platelet problem. I did see a video of a nurse in Ireland I believe who said she knows certain batches are saline, so that could be. Could be to lull people into believing they are safer than they are, or like you said for production roll out issues. A doctor in Canada did the D-dimer tests and found many of his patients are having microscopic blood clots which will invariably lead to serious organ damage….
    Thank you again for going over the tests.

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