The Radical Independent reacts to Biden’s “You have to be Vaxxed” speech

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One thought on “The Radical Independent reacts to Biden’s “You have to be Vaxxed” speech”

  1. At this point there’s no denying something I alluded to earlier, dementia with behavioral disturbances of the worst kind, psychotic. The evidence is overwhelming that, at the very least, Biden needs to be tested for cognitive ability. If he is insane, then his handlers need to be held accountable. In a case in my neighborhood that went on for many years, nice Catholic couple, happily married, he was retired government employee DC she was a retired registered nurse, his dementia got so bad he was picking up butcher knives, chasing her around the house trying to kill her. The police literally had to remove all the knives from the property. Eventually she ended up hiring a live in ‘body guard’, young strong male nursing aide, he lived in the home full time the last few years. None of the nursing homes in town would take him. The only one she could find was out in the Everglades somewhere, and they wanted about 30K per month, essentially for combat pay. That’s what we’re dealing with here.

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