9 thoughts on “USA: The Legal Shenanigans behind the “approval” of the Pfizer DeathVaxx”

  1. Again, this is all about keeping the financial house of cards propped up until the right moment, when they have enough people clot shotted to usher in the NWO. I see Trump is in the news again, there’s talk of him saving us, again. I don’t know. Could be too little too late. US is up to 207M vaxxed. There are only 209M legal adults in this country, so everyone is either going to be dead or caring for the dying. I guess they won’t be happy until we’re all 6 feet under, WHO-flung-dung has taken posseession.

  2. Correction, as of this morning we’re up to 208 M death vaxxed. US population over age 18 is 209 M. When the number of vaxxed goes over 209 M we’re at a point where everyone will either be dying and/or caring for the dying. Except for a remnant handful, who will have to go into hiding. Yesterday the GE washing machine repair man told me the 2009 machine is not fixable. Yet another signal from God to head for the hills.

    1. We have no way of knowing if these figures about numbers vaccinated are real. With Biden threatending 100 million workers, I doubt the real numbers are over 100 M.

      1. We have no way of knowing if ANY of the numbers are real. Speaking as a statistician, MS in statistics and operations research NYU, garbage in garbage out. No professional analyst would take any of the recent vaxx numbers at face value, or any of the recent data. The systems have been corrupted, based on the testimony of Attorney Renz from Ohio in particular, speaking on behalf of his inside informants. Government statistics is turning out to be another oxymoron.

  3. Comirnaty is fully approved conditional on the myocarditis results. What does full approval mean when there is a condition on results of serious side affects that have yet to be presented. It has not gone into production and probably never will be so we just keep jabbing with the Pfizer/BioNTec jab under emergency knowing full well that if the myocarditis is not an issue (which it is)and the controls and purity are identical to Comirnaty when it comes out (which it may never) we are good to go! I think it’s a slight of hand to give the impression of approval when it is clear that there are conditions that have yet to be met for that approval to trigger.

    1. False hope that the problem will go away and the Plandemic will end is part of their intentional psychological warfare against us, to disarm us from militarily uprising against them. Don’t believe it for one moment.

  4. For hospital admissions, if you have the first jab of two, you are not considered vaccinated for purposes of admission. If you had the second jab of two, you are not considered vaccinated until 14 or 18 days after the second jab. So when they say hospital admissions are mostly non- vaccinated, remember what is considered “vaccinated”.

    1. Fine bastions of integrity that they are…the same fine institutions pushing the girls=boys narrative.

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