Denmark removes all Covid Restrictions, declares Pandemic over

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7 thoughts on “Denmark removes all Covid Restrictions, declares Pandemic over”

  1. It is reported that the restrictions are being removed because of Denmark’s high level of vaccination. If that is correct, I doubt if this will end well for Denmark.

  2. Denmark can calmly do without all measures, because they have already achieved the goal of the globalists, namely to vaccinate 80 percent with the poison in their country. The countries that are relaxing their measures have already contaminated 80 percent of their citizens with the poisonous injection.
    The countries where there is resistance to the lethal injection, such as Australia, France, Italy or Germany, are tightening the measures to an unbearable level.

  3. They are only doing this because the majority took the devils potion. No other reason.
    Just wait and see what will happen, when the the flu season starts in the northern hemisphere.
    That will be the true test of both sides.

  4. More important that those who are not vaccinated are not excluded through use of a vaxx pass.. On that basis it’s everybody’s own decision to get vaxxed…

    1. This is simply not true. The GreenPass in most EU countries requires a pcr test every 48 hours, in lieu of vaccination.

    2. Apparently Denmark has free tests and the validity of the test is 72 hours.

      On the other hand, Lithuanians, for example, need a PCR test, which costs the person 60-75 euros each time, and it is valid for just 48 hours *from the moment that the swab sample is taken*, not when it’s processed. The article below states that “The government is explicit that they created this burden of time and money, as well as the risk of being forced into isolation, in order to “encourage the vaccine-hesitant to get jabbed” and not use tests to avoid vaccination. ” That’s plain coercion.

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