4 thoughts on “USA: Governors vow to defy The Globalist Puppet on the DeathVaxx Mandate”

  1. He’ll just pick up the phone, call in his Jihad friends left in Afghanistan and elsewhere, they and the CCP will come over here and make everything up til now look like a walk in the park. It’s a setup.

    1. Hello Sister Joan,

      Years ago we passed the “deep shit stage.”

      We’re now at the “bring it on stage.”

      Buy more ammo.

      Pax et Benedictiones,

      Jack Marren

      1. JJM, thanks for thinking of me. Blessings to you too. I made a few calls this weekend. Almost everyone I know has taken the shot. At this point one has definitely passed, many are missing, and one has lost her mind, CRS. She has no history or mental status deficiency. So there it is. Without even a shot fired. As of today I’ve stopped worrying about everything, why exactly I don’t know.

  2. Nearly EVERYTHING is pre-planned and orchestrated and scripted — WAY beyond the teleprompter of our current puppet-in-chief. ALMOST NOTHING is actually spontaneous anywhere — and NOT at the governor level. All of our “conservative” governors are ultimately puppets who will tow the covid line (as did Trump-the-fraud) or pay a big price.

    So, it would be rather naïve to believe the governors’ protestations or that they will be able (or allowed) to carry through on any true defense of our freedom – especially when there are now suddenly thousands of military-aged males (so-called “refugees”) here who are currently being trained for their upcoming deployment inside the USA.

    The bottom line is that our trajectory is NOT toward freedom and trouble is indeed afoot, as ever. There are only bad directions that this can go — because towards real freedom and away from the descending tyranny is not in the cards for us. The covid plan of the controllers has been in the works for decades, and boldly proclaimed on paper since at least 2010. They will not tolerate any deviations – unless it will ultimately contribute to our destruction.

    The endgame curtains are still opening and revealing more of the horrifying and apocalyptic Brave New World global stage that has been prepared for us. Our job is to pray and sacrifice to mitigate the swiftly materializing global, communist, totalitarian dictatorship. Because EVERYTHING now is deployed for that terrifying goal foretold by Our Lady so long ago. And the thick darkness upon us everywhere will not be deterred until the collegial consecration to the Immaculate Heart is made by a real pope, so tragically overdue….

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