VIDEO: Mel Gibson Responds to Traditionis Custodes

Mel Gibson has been an ardent supporter of the Traditional Latin Mass for his entire life, as he comes from a family which has attended it from his youth. It is said that Gibson is a sedevacantist.  The video by Gibson was made to support a rally organized by the Coalition for Canceled Priests, in Malibu, California, USA, where Gibson lives.

Bergoglio has commanded Ecclesiastical Superiors in Italy to enforce the DeathVaxx

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It does make a difference who is pope. Not only in eternity but regarding your way to eternity.

And as the latest proof of this, I will reveal, that I am receiving phone calls from distressed Catholic clergy and religious who are being commanded under obedience to take the DeathVaxx.

The orders are coming from Bergoglio in the Vatican.

Meanwhile, my sources in the Vatican say that Bergoglio’s health is declining rapidly. His temper fits are growing in violence. He he driving out of his presence all who want to help him in his final illness — the incurable degenerative condition of his colon.

It is obvious, that this man senses his end is near and by this command to impose the DeathVaxx on all clergy and religious in Italy, that he is trying to take as many to Hell with himself as he can.

Yes, Charlotte, it does make a difference which is the true pope AND which you regard as the Pope!

It also makes a difference which sources of information you listen to, those who insist Bergoglio is the Pope or those which tell you the truth, that Benedict XVI is the pope.

Those who have been insisting that Bergoglio is the Pope are now co-conspirators in the murder of Hundreds of millions of Catholics, for they have given power to the beast….