26 thoughts on “It’s not a Covid Delta Variant Surge, its a DeathVaxx Surge”

  1. Thank you for the info. This evil needs to be looked straight in the eyes by those who cooperate with it. I wish I could discount this, but where are the medical and hospital overseers who are supposed to oversee this type of thing? Hell is not going to be hot enough for anyone who sells his or her own soul when they see this sort of abuse and doesnt stand against it. My guess is bc of modernism, and the social gospel, they dont even know what their soul is.

  2. La Quinta Columna bombshell research released in a video yesterday it’s WORSE than we thought. Now they’re saying vaxx has some kind of ‘radioactive’ property, like radiation, that’s getting transmitted person to person. That is what they think may be causing some of the bizarre bleeding symptoms in women in close contact with vaxxed etc.

    1. Thank you for the info. Please could you share the link of the video of la quinta columna? I watch them sometimes but they publish very long, 3 hours videos almost daily, and its difficult to keep track. Having the link of this news of radioactive material would help a lot
      Many thanks
      God bless


    2. Many many thanks Joan so much appreciated. I can see the video fine.
      Also found that on twich, la quinta columna broadcasts every night. Thanks so much for the help, It s beautiful to have such a community here. God bless all of you.

  3. When bishops get on their high horse about the “act of charity we owe our neighbor” by getting The Jab, I’m immediately reminded of that informal fallacy in logic known as a false appeal to authority. (What the San Juan Hill is their expertise in either virology or the mechanisms perpetrated by DeathVaxx?) What makes this episcopal stance the more galling is Bergoglio’s grandstanding bemoaning of clericalism, of which, should anyone not know the thumbnail definition, is a false appeal to authority by clergy. The Dictator-Wannabe is its biggest culprit.

  4. There is now tentative evidence from the UK that some people (in the age group 40-79) who are vaxxed have a higher chance of illness than those who are unvaxxed: https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?get_gallerynr=11599

    It might be that the vaxxes have weakened the immune system or it might be some kind of vaccine-enhanced infection (or it might be both). This should become clearer over the coming months.

    Clearly, older people would have been vaxxed first, so the same problem might await the under-40s in a few months’ time. We should also not discount the possibility that those figures are massaged to present a favourable, pro-vaxx picture, so the real situation could be worse.

  5. stew is such a dumbbell he thinks there is a real Covid-19
    wuhan bioengineered deadly bioweapon virus.
    THERE IS NO COVID-19 VIRUS. it’s just the normal, regular,
    plain old seasonal flu. it does not exist.
    the linchpin of the entire scamdemic is to believe in an actual
    deadly virus that doesn’t exist. without that myth the entire
    scamdemic falls apart.
    he’s also so stupid he thinks invermectin is a magic cure for
    a virus that doesn’t exist. ivermectin is a DEWORMER that
    has zero effect on any virus. we have no effective medical treatment for any virus.

    1. I assume that you’re not a doctor and have never treated anyone for covid. There is abundant evidence that something very unusual is killing people, though those that die are usually people who are already medically compromised in some way. And it’s not the flu. Here is the opinion of Dr Malcolm Kendrick, a British doctor who has actually seen covid patients:

      “do I still think SARS-CoV2 exists? Yes, I do. I firmly believe that I watched people dying of it, from it. They died in a way I have never seen people do so before, and I have seen a lot of people die. They seemed quite well, then suddenly their oxygen sats dropped like a stone – they still seemed okay otherwise – then they died. The end.”


      The scamdemic part is the grossly inappropriate response to the virus on the part of governments, media and the medical establishment, such the mandating of lethal protocols, non-stop fear porn and the wild inflation of “case” numbers.

      As for the fact-free diatribe against ivermectin, there’s been enough real science done to show that *early* treatment with drugs such as ivermectin (and others) IS very effective in stopping the illness in its tracks. That’s why the established protocol is *not* to provide early treatment, but to deal with it when it becomes critical — and therefore often too late. Troling that iivermectin is simply a dewormer is demonstrably bunk. Just because you don’t understand how it works only demonstrates your lack of understanding, but nice try.

      1. How do we know these symptoms are being caused by that virus, or a virus, and not medicines, medical protocols, poisons secretely in medicines. So to say that one believes Sarsco19 exists is to presume the name means some thing and to make an unscientific statement, one of belief, not knowledge via experiment.

      2. I’m not a doctor, but I come from a family with an unusually high number of them.
        I agree with what you have just described, and would add that in some countries they are relabeling flu as Covid, which complicates the picture. Also, they were giving certain “euthanasia” drugs to patients in UK care homes. Also Sweden.
        But once you allow for both these facts, there is something out there that is very odd, it’s not flu, and it involves massive unexpected drops in oxygen. It is currently surging in parts of Sydney, and it’s so similar to what happened in parts of Italy in early 2020.

  6. @Editor. Re. “how do we know…” We first need to agree on whether people are becoming ill in the first place. Clearly, if you’re in the maw of a hospital, they can give you anything that they choose, including remdesivir.

    For the rest, the meme, which you previously seem to have embraced, has been that “it’s just the flu”. Dr Kendrick, who is an MD, believes that iit is something very different from flu. (I recommend his blog, BTW.) There are many “white-hat” doctors who thinks this way, as a quick Internet trawl will confirm. There are numerous examples where a group of people in a family all got it at the same time after being in contact with someone who also had it, so you can pretty much rule out meds. For example, Karl Denninger, a blogger who has meticulously documented many aspects of the scamdemic over the past 18 monts, recently got it, along with his daughter and lady friend. All at the same time. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=243281

    Unless you are of the opinion that viruses don’t exist at all, it would be most sensible to follow the principle that “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”. Ergo, it’s a virus, unless anyone can convincingly demonstrate otherwise.

    1. I do not think your logic is sound. That a group of persons has the same or similar symptoms does not mean that it is necessarily caused by a virus. They share food, home, environment. For example, if you and your family were sprayed with or ingested spike proteins from such a virus, you could have the same symptoms. Until we know the cause, we can presume nothing.

      1. I live in the United States, and my boyfriend and I both recently got over it. Basically its thd flu. But the symptoms were a bit more intense. Bad muscle/body aches. I was so very tired. But the more I tested in bed. The more difficulty I had breathing. My lungs felt like they were filling up. Was not a fun week.. But it came and went.

      2. How do you know that was Covid, and not the winter flu….? Were you vaccinated for anything in 2019 or 2020 ?

      3. In matters of biology, I do not think a case can be derived from reason, it must be found in facts, and facts have no yet been gathered. So all possibilities known and unknown should be considered. If we harken to personal opinions, I think the CIA is spraying public areas and known dissidents and sacrificial lambs with the spike protein, to create a panic. This way no Globalist could catch a deadly virus unawares…

  7. There are many “facts” out there, some of which are false and some that appear to be self-contradictory. It is in the application of reason that we are able to derive an answer from the myriad facts. I am therefore a little disappointed that you choose not to give a convincing argument as to why you believe it is not a virus.

    One can imagine all sorts of scenarios for why people are becoming il. Nobody can reasonably dispute that cases of flu are being classified as covid but that, of itself, doesn’t invalidate the notion that a covid virus exists. Are the CIA/NWO really going to spray the air, / poison the water / contaminate medicines and/or food *throughout the world* when a virus will do all this work for them much more quickly and efficienty? Once again: “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”. By any reasonable analysis, it’s most likely to be a virus. The greedy b*stards even left a paper trail of coronavirus (modification) patents, going back as far as 1998, with their fingerprints all over it. That also means that they have had time to create a real antidote, so the globalists are unlikely to be too worried.

    Referring back to Roger Mason’s post above, if anyone doubts the effectiveness of ivermectin, take a look at this tweet from Dr Robert Malone on the mortality rate in Peru with and without ivermectin. https://twitter.com/rwmalonemd/status/1434499554431455237

    1. Vincent, you obviously do not understand the scholastic principle of which you speak, because yes, that they spray persons with spike proteins is a lot easier explanation than than they would let a deadly virus loose on the world, yet none of them die from it. Do you really think Viruses go after non-Globalists like that?

      1. I could go on but I think it would be best if we agree to disagree. But thank you for clarifying your position.

  8. I was not vaccinated, and do not intend to be. I do not believe in getting flu shots, as I have worked in the medical field and have seen, and heard enough first hand as to the substances which are in them.. To each their own, but no thank you. My boyfriend got sick from his co worker. His co workers wife was diagnosed with covid, and my boyfriend and I did the drive thru, self swab, at our local walgreens pharmacy drive thru window. 3 days later we check online for results.. Yes. Drive thru do-it-yourself covid testing. How ridiculous is that? Thats The United States….

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