“Most People Don’t Even Realize what’s coming Next” — Edward Snowden (2021)


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4 thoughts on ““Most People Don’t Even Realize what’s coming Next” — Edward Snowden (2021)”

  1. Br. Alexis. I listened to the 10-min video and it’s largely Ed Snowden discussing the ethics of leaking and reporting.

    I realize that you can’t view every video, but the title for this thread doesn’t seem to relate to the actual contents of the video.

    1. It is the title of the video, not my selection, but yes I agree with you. But if you are intelligent, you will see that what he was uncovering was part of the project to put together the system of control they using nowing.

  2. Alex Jones is now crying on air and saying God is handing us over to Satan. So much for the men of this country protecting us. Like I said earlier, I’m basically in liquidation and prepare for the firing squad mode. Unless our real president gets off his lounge chair in Palm Beach. That’ll be the day.

  3. Fr. Ripperger, perhaps the foremost US exorcist, says our country has been formally handed over through our legal system to 4 of Satan’s generals: Asmodeus (male homosexuality), Leviathin (female ‘heavy in the boots’ lesbianism), Lilith (feminine lesbianism), and Moloch(child sacrifice). Dr. Zelenko said God didn’t punish Sodom and Gomorrah until they codified their perverse behavior. So, Alex Jones may well be right.

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