911: How the Deep State pulled it off

A stewardess investigates and finds the narrative does not reflect reality:

Pilot experts say there is no way the alleged high-jackers could have done the deed manually:

Presentation of facts by Pilots for the Truth, a technical explanation of why the accepted narrative makes no sense:

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6 thoughts on “911: How the Deep State pulled it off”

  1. The entire area was pulverized, okay. Pulverized. As in white dust. As in toxic fumes. As in nuclear waste. As in the powers that be in my office were told to throw everything in our office, the entire contents, into dumpsters. Everything.

  2. Cui bono? In hindsight we can see that the goal was to expand the “war on terror” for the obvious benefit of Israel, and the expansion of the deep state security apparatus in the U.S. I would recommend a book by Christopher Bollyn, “Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World. He also has some excellent talks which can still be found on YT.

  3. The passport and scarf were a real plant,they got the scarf wrong,should have been plain red with white Arabic writing across the front .They also planted an engine at the Trade Centre scene ,but it was for a different plane then the one supposedly used.Its quite disturbing to think there are psychopaths out there who can kill thousands without a second thought.

  4. What got me is how wreckage that destroyed almost everything leave a hijacker’s passport on the crash site. But also the black box didn’t survive.

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