8 thoughts on “The Vaxxed tell horror stories and put in doubt that Covid-19 is one cause”

  1. I listened to 18 minutes of the video. There is a logical explanation. All the doctors we trust have talked about microscopic bleeding that only shows up in a d-dimer blood test because it is so small.

    When microscopic bleeding occurs in the brain it’s like a bullet going off, shrapnel everywhere. The brain is highly sensitive as we all know. It doesn’t do well with damage or trauma. I know from my experience with my mother, research about dementia, there are approximately 200 different types of dementia. I would argue more than that even, every case is unique that I’ve seen. These vaxx toxins when they damage the blood vessels, capillaries is what they’re saying technically they are called, there is no exact blueprint for brain damage, every person is unique. The brain ultimately controls all bodily activity, which therefore explains the variety of symptoms. That’s my best guess.

  2. Our nephew lived in New Jersey, and his Mother also died [most likely murdered] some months ago suspiciously. Our nephew worked for Amtrak. The information that was passed down to us was that he went to the hospital, was diagnosed with c-19, got pneumonia, was put on the ventilator, and died [was murdered]. The remote family says that he did not get the injection but this seems suspicious because he worked for Amtrak???

    His mother lived in Los Angeles. We have tried many times to find out the details and requested information from the place she lived and from the doctor’s office also. They have refused to provide any information other than she died in her sleep.

    The frustration of the withholding of information also leads to this question – WHY WILL THEY NOT PROVIDE THE INFORMATION?


    Do not go into a hospital for they are running death camps today. Iatrogenic death, death by physician, is now what now seems to be the emerging normal way. LOVE OF MONEY is possibly one reason as the hospital administrators are implementing and enforcing the protocols to be followed. The hospital protocols amount to extermination policies as the evidence reveals.

    We are also suspecting that [many???] of the so called heroes of the medical establishment in the hospitals are not heroes but accomplices to the evil, murderous protocols because they see and experience the results of all the injections, fake PCR tests, ventilator murders, and on and on and on. The truth is easy to see and to research for frontline medical workers.

    We believe that the reason that they are NOW SPEAKING OUT OR LEAVING THEIR JOBS is because they themselves are now on the mandated path to take the death jabs. So, they already know what is possibly their own fate when and if they do so because they saw it firsthand. Those who saw the deaths and health consequences firsthand, but continued to administer the required protocols and remained silent so that they would keep their jobs are accomplices.

    GOD and they themselves know who these accessories to murder are. These people must repent of this before GOD and make reparation for their evil doing before GOD calls them to their time of judgement. May GOD BLESS THEM to do so.
    Hopefully this is their wake up call, and those who speak out so that others will know the truth are, in fact, making reparations by speaking out, and other people will be saved from the destruction of their health and death.

    We are all sinners and we are all responsible before GOD for repentance, conversion, reparation, and a purpose of amendment; however, labeling these people heroes who are ONLY NOW coming forth to expose the truth because they are in jeopardy of losing their jobs if they do not take the jab is not true. This thinking is based on false emotions because in reality this is paradoxical thinking.

  3. Just heard from friend who took the jab six months ago, went missing recently, symptomatic. Doctors have convinced him he has a “jaw dysfunction”. Jaw pain for those who don’t know is a heart attack symptom. Can’t even make this stuff up.

  4. It’s so sad to watch this video of people injured by the vaxx. I had to stop halfway through. What’s interesting is that most still don’t seem to regret getting the deathvaxx. And they still trust the medical system that injured them to help them now?

  5. What will I do when I cannot feed my children? When they tell me I cannot work or earn money unless I take their mark? This is what they want you to say. If it is not the mark (as they are telling you) then it is tyranny and all bets are off! Either it is or it isn’t- and if it isn’t then we must wake up!

    Why is no one from any pulpit or in any mass addressing this?

    Does no one see this for what it so clearly is?? Should I just lay down and let them take the food out of my family’s mouth, and heat for the winter, the car from my driveway so that we must only walk, and can’t get into the stores when we get there??

    How long will everyone let them punish us????? “Punish the unvaxxed” that’s all I hear. What about PUNISH THEM!!!!!!@

    I will not go quietly. I will provide for my own. I will work and I will buy. I have a right to work not given by any man but by God Almighty. I will participate in society as my GOD GIVEN RIGHT on this planet and I and my family will eat. You will not take that from me. I will not lay down like others! This is WAR!!!!!

    1. God bless you , He will provide this is a test for us. We are on the right side the winning side the suffering will sanctify our souls . Keep up the fight and trust.

  6. In the UK a man named Mark Steele has said that the vaxxed are being hypnotized by their television screens, which have grown in size in recent years, using pulsing modulated frequencies. This may be the reason why so many are so blind, as to why they took the jab, for a virus that does not exist, because it has never been isolated. Plus the incessant hysteria from the media and these so called authoritative experts with appendages before their names with Dr. or Professor, working with government ministers repeating over and over again the Covid-19 lecture to the public. Pointing to graphs and numbers that are not backed by any evidence, but it looks good, just to fool people, because they are so concerned about your health. Some people are so innocent they cannot see wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Fabian Society use this symbol of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Some people it has been found are easily hypnotized. Other people are just hypochondriacs, or worse were forced to take the shot(s) by employers. Whatever the reason that people find themselves in such a state now, yes, it is more than one reason, and informed consent was denied them.

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