One thought on “Testimony to an Intentional Premeditated Homicide in the name of Covid-19”

  1. I listened til wife got to ICU. There’s something called AMO, against medical orders. Going to the hospital is not going to jail. A person can leave AMO. Same thing in a nursing home. If someone is obviously trying to kill loved one you do an AMO discharge, make sure you have all the ducks lined up with medicines etc. to care for the person elsewhere. I was in a situation once where clearly a nursing home was trying to kill my mother, moreso than normal, it was obvious. I called the local sheriff told him what was going on, told him I was going to remove her from the facility AMO. Did remove her. Took her straight to hospital pharmacy to pick up the medicine they were refusing to give her, so I had a receipt, took her home. It doesn’t end there. Then they send over the authorities to try to crucify the family which goes on for about one month. If the family does everything properly with the right medications and especially someone like Dr. Zelenko backing them up it is possible to survive these murder attempts, I’ve been thru it. They do make your life a living hell however, let there be no doubt.

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