6 thoughts on “3 Studies show that Covid-19 “Vaccines” Don’t work”

    1. I had Covid. Now I’m more immune than those who took 2 shots . So, I say , let the youngsters get Covid, and then they will be immune without the jab, and everybody can return to somewhat normal.

  1. It seems clear that there are still many unanswered questions. I had “covid” and now my bloodwork does show “antibodies” (unless all that is fake, too) So perhaps there is something “pathogenic” about whatever “covid” is.

    But one thing is for sure: while “covid” has replaced the flu in the statistics, it was NOT a “flu” for me or many others I know. I thus have my doubts about “covid” being a “virus” (if viruses really even exist) because evidently graphene can harm the sense of smell and taste — which was very creepy for me and certainly not something from any “flu.”

    So, based on my own personal “covid” episode (and many others I have known), I am wondering if the key to everything is the GRAPHENE — which may be what is really being shed and transferred, particularly from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed. My fairly alternative-oriented doctor has told me that I got “covid” from the many vaxxed people in my life. And I can tell you that it was NOTHING like a flu for me. Mainly NO smell and NO taste — and that was ALL!!! That is not a “flu.” But it certainly could have been a level of graphene oxide poisoning.

    1. If you have had any coronavirus infection, you have antibodies for it. It is impossible to distinguish antibodies for one kind of coronavirus form another. So the antibody test to prove covid is another farce…

  2. Well, I knew that even the antibody issue could be a big fake because there’s been no “covid virus” isolated, so how can there be antibodies????? We also know now that the Pasteur fake theory of germs was selected by the Rothschilds to be the foundation of their takeover of medicine — because they needed “germs” so they could peddle all their dangerous drugs and vaccines to damage us and make their $$$millions.

    Hopefully those of us who remain unvaxxed will be able to mount an adequate immune response to whatever poisons are being shed and blasted out all around us. But it looks more to me like we’re going to need a lot of divine protection against the bioweaponry that threatens us now and increasingly in the future. This is an extinction level scenario unfolding and it looks like Our Lady will need to specially intervene to save her children — and thus the human genome and human species from extermination. And it looks like our days are numbered before this extraordinary heavenly intervention becomes absolutely essential for us. Salva nos, o Maria!!!!

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